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PIT 2024. PIT-28. Tax on apartment rental. Change in billing. Explanations of the Ministry of Finance

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Compared to last year, there has been an important change regarding the tax on apartment rentals. As the Ministry of Finance explains, the only form of settlement in the case of an ordinary Kowalski is currently a lump sum. What PIT must be submitted in such a situation and by when? We explain.

“From 2023, the only form of taxation of income from private rental is a lump sum on recorded income,” it says on its website Ministry of Finance (MF). Previously, it was also possible to use general rules, i.e. settlement on a tax scale.

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Apartment rental – income and tax

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The Ministry explains that rental income is simply the rent paid by the tenant (tenant). He adds that “most often it is money, but payment may also be in kind.”

“Rental income does not include expenses (fees) incurred by the tenant related to the subject of the lease,” he points out. This includes, for example, fees for cooperatives or housing associations, subscriptions for utilities, water, electricity and gas. In a situation where the tenant is obliged to pay them.

He adds that “you pay tax on income (it is not reduced by the costs of obtaining income).”

Rental tax – how to settle it?

According to the Ministry of Finance, the rental tax, i.e. a lump sum on recorded rental income, is:

– 8.5 percent revenue up to PLN 100,000; – 12.5 percent revenue from the surplus over PLN 100,000.

“In the case of spouses who have submitted a declaration on taxation of income by one of them, the amount of rental income for which the tax rate of 12.50% applies is PLN 200,000,” explains the ministry.

Importantly, rental tax is paid monthly or quarterly. “You calculate and pay the lump sum from recorded revenues monthly (or quarterly if certain conditions are met) to the tax office by the 20th of the following month (or by the 20th of the month following the end of the quarter for which the lump sum is to be paid),” explains the ministry.

Rental tax – what PIT?

When it comes to settling the rental tax, “you settle income from rental (lease) in the annual PIT-28 tax return.”

“You inform about your choice of the quarterly lump sum payment method in your annual tax return (PIT-28), submitted for the tax year in which you used the quarterly lump sum payment method,” informs the Ministry of Finance.

It also indicates that “you can reduce the income obtained by deductions you are entitled to, e.g. for paid social security contributions, donations made, rehabilitation expenses.”

However, he adds that “you cannot deduct these expenses if they have already been deducted (e.g. paid contributions to your own social security) from the income taxed according to the tax scale.”

Rental tax payment

“Pay your tax to your tax microaccount,” writes the Ministry of Finance.

He adds that “you can check your tax micro-account using the generator or at any tax office.”

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Rental tax – how to file a tax return?

You can submit your tax return on rental income in paper or electronic form.

“You can take the tax return in paper form to the tax office or send it to the office by post, preferably with return receipt requested. Please note that the tax return should be posted at a post office of the public operator (Poczta Polska) before the deadline for submitting the tax return” – says the ministry. finances.

As for electronic returns, it can be done via: e-Deklaracje or in the Your e-PIT service available on the e-Urząd Skarbowy website.

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“You submit your return between February 15 and April 30 of the year following the tax year,” reminds the Ministry of Finance.

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