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PIT for 2022 – tax advisor Marcin Zarzycki explains how to settle the tax in the best way

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You may be surprised because the number of changes that took place in 2022 means that our PIT will look different than in previous years – said Marcin Zarzycki from LTCA Adwokaci i Doradcy Podatkowi on TVN24 BiS. The expert also spoke, among other things, about the impact of the Polish Order on our settlements.

How will the changes that took place in 2022 affect our PITs? Some will gain, some will lose. Certainly, those who were on a commission contract can gain, because they will have some returns to give. Those who were on an employment contract up to PLN 10,000 and over PLN 13,000 can gain – explained Zarzycki.

He added that “Those who had two employment contracts, for example, could lose either retirement and an employment contract.” – They will certainly lose and this result will not be beneficial for them – he stressed.

PIT for 2022 and the Polish Lad

How Polish Order affected our PIT? – He did a lot of bad things, actually. We will not see it formally, we will not see it. When we settle PIT, we will not see that he has done a lot of wrong, because we will only see numbers. However, behind these numbers there are numerous changes to the regulations – indicated the tax advisor.

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Then he mentioned that it was about a raise personal income tax from July, a relief for the middle class, “which was and then disappeared”, a ban on deducting health contributions. – A lot of bad things happened. He (Polish Order – ed.) made a big mess and caused a very large part of us to pay more taxes – especially entrepreneurs – he noted.

– The rules have changed during the tax year. First, one regulation was introduced in January, then it turned out that they do not quite fit, because some people pay higher tax advances, so these regulations were changed on January 7. Then in February, and then again in July, they changed the rules of the game – lowering the tax, but also eliminating the relief (for the middle class – ed.) – explained Zarzycki.

Tax refund, e-PIT, settlement with your spouse

– There is a possibility that a large number of people this tax refund will receive, because already during the year, higher tax advances were paid. It is not that we will get something, something will be returned to us. No one is giving us a gift here. We paid a bit too much during the year, so now we will get this refund – explained the expert.

Who is e-PIT for? As the advisor pointed out, “e-PIT is primarily for employees, i.e. people who were settled by the payer – to whom the payer sent PIT-11”. – People who are entrepreneurs will have a problem with this and will have to submit PIT on their own – explained Zarzycki.

He also talked about what to pay special attention to when settling using the Your e-PIT service. – First of all, we must pay attention to various types of relief. In fact, our tax system provides for a lot of different types of relief that different people may be entitled to – he noted.

The tax advisor added that “we are not always aware that we are entitled to these reliefs, so we have to check it ourselves”. – Secondly, e-PIT will not settle all reliefs. For example, we have stories such as a thermomodernization relief or a rehabilitation relief. We have to account for these deductions ourselves,” he explained.

According to him, it is best to turn to an advisor or search on the Internet, “what else we are entitled to and possibly this relief we have to consider ourselves”.

When asked whether it is better to settle accounts alone or with a spouse, he replied that “it depends”. – From what income I have, how much income I achieve, how much income my spouse earns – said the expert.

According to Zarzycki, in a situation where one person “has a certain amount of income, and the spouse does not work at all or has a very low income, then the settlement with the spouse will pay off”, because the income will add up and the tax will be lower.

– If we both have high incomes, then this benefit will either not be there at all, or it will be very low. Something good for everyone, but we have to answer individually here. Some people can actually pay off – said the guest of TVN24 BiS.

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Tax advisor about who will get a tax refund

PIT for 2022 – the settlement has started

On Wednesday, February 15, the PIT settlement period for 2022 beganwhich will run until May 2. Settlement is possible via the Internet, e.g. using the Your e-PIT service. This is a service offered by the National Revenue Administration. In order to use it, you need to log in to the e-Tax Office, at the Taxpayer.gov.pl website, and select the Your e-PIT service. It consists in the automatic preparation and making available by the National Revenue Administration of the annual tax return of natural persons.

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