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PIT for 2022. Your e-PIT is launched. When to submit declarations. What. MF message

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PIT settlement for 2022 is possible from today. Tax returns can be submitted until May 2, 2023, among others, via the Two e-PIT service. As the Ministry of Finance emphasizes in its release, the changes introduced in the tax system last year have an impact on the method of submitting annual tax returns. What should be remembered when submitting PIT-36 or PIT-37?

Taxpayer accounting for his PIT will submit PIT-36 or PIT-37 in one version and choose how to settle: individually, together with a spouse or as a single person raising children.

Hypothetical tax and relief for the middle class that does not exist

It is worth noting that the settlement does not have to take into account the relief for the middle class (it was repealed on July 1 last year), after submitting the tax return, tax officials will calculate the hypothetical tax that would be due with it.

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“For some taxpayers, settling with this relief may turn out to be more advantageous. In order for no taxpayer to lose due to the liquidation of the relief for the middle class, the head of the tax office, after submitting the tax return by the taxpayer, will calculate the hypothetical tax due taking it into account” – the Ministry of Finance announced.

This the hypothetical tax is to be calculated automaticallyafter the taxpayer submits his tax return. He will not have to perform any additional actions. Only the data that the person will indicate in their PIT declaration and all reliefs and preferences will be used.

What if the hypothetical output tax is lower than the output tax shown by the taxpayer in the tax return? In such a situation, the tax office will send information about the difference and the amount to be refunded. This information will be sent to the taxpayer within 21 days of submitting the tax return.

National Revenue Administration will send it in two ways: by post or via e-Tax Office, if the taxpayer agreed to this form of contact.

PIT for 2022 – tax refund

If there is a difference resulting from the calculation of the hypothetical tax due, the tax office will return it within:

If the taxpayer has arrears or underpayments, it will be credited against them.

The ministry informed that taxpayers will be able to check the amount of their hypothetical tax due and whether they can expect a refund on this account. They will be able to do it using the calculator developed by the Ministry of Finance, which will be available at the website biznes.gov.pl.

Your e-PIT service made available for the fifth time

This is the fifth time Ministry of Finance and the National Revenue Administration provide the Your e-PIT service. It contains tax returns completed on the basis of data held by the tax administration.

The settlement for 2022 has been prepared for over 24 million taxpayers, the ministry informed. He also noted that the service breaks popularity records year after year. In 2019, taxpayers submitted about 7 million out of about 16 million electronic PIT declarations, while in 2022 it was about 11.8 million (out of about 19.8 million electronic PIT declarations). The Ministry reminded that as part of the service Your e-PIT PIT-37 and PIT-38 tax returns, which are most often filled in, will be made available; in addition, PIT-28 and PIT-36, excluding income from economic activity and special departments of agricultural production, and a PIT-OP statement on the transfer of 1.5 percent. tax of public benefit organizations. In addition, a novelty will be the PIT-DZ – information on the data of children entitling to a relief for families 4+. The statement prepared in the service includes: information from payers, including PIT exemptions for people under 26, for families 4+, for working seniors, for people returning from abroad, deductions for membership fees for trade unions and information held by KAS, such as: taxpayer’s data and his tax micro-account, relief for children. Access to the Your e-PIT service is possible only in the e-Tax Office (e-US) on the website biznes.gov.pl. You can log in with a Trusted Profile (PZ), e-ID, via electronic banking, the mObywatel application or by providing tax data.

PIT for 2022. Time for settlement until May 2, 2023

Until May 2, 2023 (April 30 is Sunday), taxpayers can verify and modify or approve their settlements in the Twoj e-PIT service. If the taxpayer does not submit PIT-37 and PIT-38 for 2022 on his own, it will be automatically accepted after May 2. Thanks to this, PIT will be filed on time, even if the taxpayer does not take any action – noted the Ministry of Finance. It added that PIT-28 and PIT-36 returns will not be automatically accepted on May 2because in the vast majority they require supplementation by the taxpayer. A taxpayer using the service may supplement the tax return prepared for him by KAS and take into account the deductions he is entitled to – e.g. donations, rehabilitation relief, Internet relief, thermomodernisation relief, payments to an individual retirement security account (IKZE) or deduction of housing expenses. Through your e-PIT, you can also declare the transfer of 1.5 percent. your tax for any selected Public Benefit Organization.

Forms for people running businesses

Forms for people conducting business activity: PIT-28, PIT-36 and PIT-36L will be available in the e-Declarations system at the Taxpay.gov.pl website. In this system, however, it will not be possible to complete PIT-37 and PIT-38 and the PIT-OP statement. “Due to the high popularity of your e-PIT, PIT-37 and PIT-38 tax returns and PIT-OP statements will be available only in this service” – justified the Ministry of Finance. The PIT declaration can also be completed in paper form and sent by post or submitted directly to the tax office. This year, for the first time, taxpayers can submit their PIT in any of the 380 tax offices (excluding specialized offices), regardless of their place of residence or business activity, the ministry said. “In addition, we offer a service that allows you to make an appointment at the tax office. This can be done online or by phone. Booking an appointment allows you to quickly settle the matter with which the taxpayer comes to the office” – the Ministry of Finance informed.

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