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PIT for 2023. ZUS will send PIT-40A, PIT-11A and PIT-11 declarations. When? Who will receive the form? The spokesman explains

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The sending of PIT tax returns for 2023 will last until the end of February. Over ten million forms will go to everyone who received at least one zloty from the Social Insurance Institution last year – said Paweł Żebrowski, ZUS spokesman, on Monday.

– Every year, at the turn of January and February, the Social Insurance Institution sends PIT-40A, PIT-11A and PIT-11 declarations. While waiting for the letter, customers can download and print such a declaration from their profile on the Electronic Services Platform – emphasized the ZUS spokesman. He noted that ZUS has not settled tax overpayments for several years.

PIT 11A, PIT-40A and PIT-11 from ZUS

PIT 11A people with an overpayment of tax will receive a refund for the overpayment of tax directly from the tax office. The overpayment will be refunded within 45 days of submitting the tax return for the previous year. If the beneficiary had no other income apart from money from ZUS and does not use deductions, he does not have to submit a PIT-37 or PIT-36 tax return at all.

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PIT-11A is information about the income of people who received cash benefits from social insurance other than those mentioned above, including: benefits: sickness, maternity, care and rehabilitation benefits. These declarations will also be sent to people who did not receive benefits until the end of the tax year or who are no longer ZUS beneficiaries at the time of settling their taxes.

“PIT-11A will also go to those beneficiaries who have submitted to ZUS a declaration of intention to settle their income jointly with their spouse or children, or an application for calculating and collecting a tax advance according to a higher tax scale, or an application not to prepare an annual tax calculation on PIT-40A” – Żebrowski explained.

PIT-40A will be received by retirees and disability pensioners who received money from ZUS throughout the calendar year and, as a result of tax settlement, they have an underpayment of tax or the settlement amount is zero PLN. This also applies to pensioners residing abroad in countries with which Poland has agreements on the avoidance of double taxation, according to which pensions from ZUS are subject to taxation in Poland.

PIT-11 it is intended for those who received last year: a benefit due after a deceased person, alimony deducted from the benefit paid by ZUS on the basis of a court judgment or payments to meet the family’s needs if their property is separated.

A PIT duplicate can be obtained at any ZUS branch

– In special, randomly justified circumstances, we may issue a duplicate of the PIT declaration to the beneficiary earlier, before delivering it by standard post. A duplicate can be obtained at any ZUS branch, emphasized Żebrowski.

He explained that if someone wants to take advantage of deductions from income or tax, they should do so in the PIT-37 or PIT-36 tax return, which are submitted to the tax office by April 30.

Each retiree and disability pensioner can also donate 1.5%. tax for public benefit organizations. If it is the same organization as last year, you do not need to submit any additional documentation to the tax office. If it is another organization, a PIT-OP form must be submitted to the tax office.

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