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Pizza with pineapple began to be served in one of the most famous establishments in Italy

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The king of Neapolitan pizza, Gino Sorbillo, shocked its lovers by promoting a version with pineapple. He thus broke the taboo in Italy regarding the production of traditional pizza. This caused a big stir, and he himself, one of the most famous pizzaiolo, claims that the baking is good and “there are too many prejudices around it.”

Pizza with pineapple appeared in a famous restaurant in the center of Naples, which caused a wave of comments, the vast majority of them unfavorable. “Real pizza is something else”, “let’s leave that to the Americans”, “it has nothing to do with tradition” – these are the most common opinions expressed on social media. Sorbillo defends his idea and appeals: “Don’t get mad. I’m attached to tradition, but I want to try this too, that’s why I put this version on the menu.” Pizza with pineapple “is good, I promise,” he assured. He also encouraged: “If you don’t believe me, come try it.” He assessed that there were too many prejudices surrounding this version of baking. “I love pizza and I love pineapple, but let’s not mix the sacred and the profane,” wrote one of the customers of the famous restaurant. Another added in the comment: “Long live pizza margherita.”

Pizzeria Sorbillo.Sopotnicki/Shutterstock

Let us recall that recently Italian food producers warned against pizza with pineapple and other pizzas with innovative toppings, calling it, among other things, “pizza of horror”.

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Italian pizza with pineapple. “Let’s stick to tradition”

Against breaking the prevailing rule Italy The taboo regarding the production of traditional pizza was, as noted by the Italian media, rebelled by ardent fans of Sorbillo baked goods. “No, please. I appreciate you as a pizzaiolo and as a resident of Naples who loves pizza, I say that you make it like a work of art. But I’m begging you – pizza here with pineapple – it’s out of the question. Let it be in the USA or England, but in In Naples, let’s stick to tradition,” said a client of a well-known restaurateur. Gino Sorbilli told Ansa after the daylong nationwide discussion: “If such a pizza is made well, there is nothing to envy other types.” He explained that he adds the pineapple slices halfway through baking and this helps them caramelize. He announced that pizza with pineapple will also be on the menu of his other pizzerias. The master of the art of baking Neapolitan pizza assured that most of the people he gave it to try it said “yes”.

Gino Sorbillo belongs to one of the oldest pizza-making families in Naples. His grandparents, Luigi Sorbillo and Carolina Esposito, founded the first pizzeria in 1935 on via dei Competitioni, known by many as “Via della Pizza Napoletana”, in the ancient city center.

Main photo source: Sopotnicki/Shutterstock

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