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PKN Orlen. Daniel Obajtek was wrong about the earnings in the management of Lotos Exploration & Production Norge

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Salaries in the management of a foreign company of the PKN Orlen group, where people close to the president go, are higher than declared by Daniel Obajtek, Radio Zet reports. The author of the publication, Mariusz Gierszewski, said on TVN24 that people “who Obajtek cares about” come to the company.

The article on the radio portal reminded that in March this year, in the “Guest of Radio ZET” program, the president Daniel Obajtek, when asked about remuneration in the Board of Directors of Lotos Exploration & Production Norge, said that it was “something in the range of 2-3 thousand euros a month”. However, according to the findings of the journalists of Radio Zet and “Polityka”, salaries in this company are higher than declared by Obajtek. We are talking about amounts of up to 4-4.5 thousand euros per month.

High earnings in PKN Orlen

“Alojzy Nowak, the Rector of the University of Warsaw, who has been a member of the Lotos Norge Board of Directors since 2020, earned over 540,000 crowns in Norway alone in 2021, i.e. approx. PLN 250,000. This is at least PLN 100,000 more than would result from Obajtek’s assurances. Tax declarations for the past year will be made public in the coming weeks,” the article reads.

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According to the journalists’ findings, in March this year, Piotr Długosz, the founder of the foundation that leases and renovates the Obajtka manor, joined the Board of Directors of the Orlen company in Norway. “A rehabilitation and educational center is to be built there. Długosz is also the main designer of the Toruń geothermal energy plant, an investment belonging to a foundation associated with Father Rydzyk” – it was written.

“In mid-July 2022, Marcin Wysocki, director of the Warsaw branch of the National Support Center for Agriculture, joined the company. Three weeks later, KOWR resigned from the right of pre-emption of two plots of land with a total area of ​​16 ha in the coastal commune of Choczewo. They were bought by the president, Daniel Obajtek,” the article states.

“Many people who Obajtek care about come to this company”

On TVN24, the author of the article, Mariusz Gierszewski, said that “a lot of people who Obajtek care about go to this company.” – We have the impression that either President Obajtek did not fully know how much money is earned in this company or he did not fully tell the truth – said the journalist.

The editor also referred to the fact that Marcin Wysocki, the director of the KOWR branch, is a member of the Norwegian company PKN Orlen and to his connections with Obajtek’s purchase of a plot of land in the coastal commune of Choczewo. – There are more such strange events here. This company looks a bit like a golden egg where people who are significant for Objatek end up. Obajtek says, however, that he is guided only by competence – he said.

– Perhaps the Norwegian authorities should take care of this, the anti-corruption law there is very restrictive, it is a company registered in Norway, taxes are paid there, so it concerns the Norwegian taxpayer. They are very sensitive to such examples when there are politicians or political appointees in companies – said the journalist.

We sent questions to Orlen on this matter, but we have not received an answer until the publication of the article.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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