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PKO BP. Warning against emails claiming to be a bank

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PKO Bank Polski warns with emails from fraudsters. Cyber ​​criminals pretend to be a bank and trick you into clicking a link that downloads malware.

PKO BP informed in the warning that in the e-mails sent by fraudsters, the fake message address field contains the description “PKO Bank Polski Notification”. The title of the message is “Money Transfer Notification”. As PKO BP emphasizes, “the bank is not the author of these messages”.


PKO BP – fake e-mails

Attached to the alert was the text of a message from cybercriminals. “This notification is sent to inform you that your money transfers above a certain amount have been made in accordance with your wishes or that your transfer orders have been registered at the time of their future execution. You may receive a copy of the proof of payment below” – reads in the message (spelling original).

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The message is accompanied by a link with the alleged confirmation of the transfer. However, representatives of PKO BP warn not to open the attachments. “Do not open attachments, do not click on links in such e-mails and attachments. If you click on a link you can lose money and control of the account” – they indicated.

Email from fraudsterspkobp.pl

Warning against scammers

This is another warning against scammers that has appeared recently. A few days earlier, the CERT Polska team had warned that the fraudsters were impersonating the National Vaccination Program Lottery. Criminals send text messages suggesting winning.

Also recently mBank warned against cybercriminalswho send you links to fraudulent payment pages.

The data also confirm the greater activity of cybercriminals. The Prime Minister’s office recently announced that almost 23,000 addresses are already on the list of warnings against fake websites.

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