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PKO BP warns against fraudsters. “You will lose money”

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On Monday, PKO BP published a warning against scammers who are trying to extort money from customers. “If you provide them with login details, a Blik code or a code from an authorization tool, or install suspicious software on their command – you will lose money” – it was written.

PKO BP has issued a message in which it warns against fraudsters impersonating bank employees. When calling, they refer to “security reasons” and urge you to share access to online banking, as well as install a remote verification application on your smartphone.

Bank representatives also call for caution with any messages (SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) from unknown people claiming to be buyers on a sales or auction portal, in which we are asked to click on a link and provide data.

“In fact, scammers want to get your confidential login and transaction authorization details or your payment card details,” wrote PKO BP.

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The bank calls for vigilance and not providing confidential data, including Blik codes, not downloading applications for remote verification, such as AnyDesk, TeamViewer or QuickSupport.

PKO BP warns

PKO Bank Polski it does not require installation of additional software on the devices from which you log in to electronic bankingwhich would increase the level of security of performed operations or access to the website,” reads the institution’s warning, which also emphasizes that a bank employee during a telephone conversation will never ask for: – providing access passwords, – withdrawing money or depositing it to another account, – consent to install applications from unknown sources on the device, – disabling security mechanisms from the manufacturer.

PKO BP encourages you to contact a bank consultant in case of any doubts. “If you receive a call from a person claiming to be an employee of another institution, e.g. KNF, prosecutor’s office, police or BIK, contact the institution by phone at the phone number that is published on its website” – the bank warns.

Not only PKO BP customers are the target of the attack

Fraudsters also try to impersonate various banks and use trust in institutions and their brands. A few days ago, mBank warned against thieveswhen criminals used his image by sending e-mails with information about the confirmation of the alleged SWIFT payment.

Today (Monday, February 27), the cybersecurity team at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF CSIRT) warned against thieves who created advertisements leading to fake Santander Bank website.

Earlier, the KNF CSIRT warned that scammers use the image of Bank BNP Paribas.

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