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PKP announce changes. New connections and stations

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From Sunday, June 11, the connection of trains from Wieliszew to Zegrze, from Ostrołęka to Chorzela and from Świdnica to Jedlina-Zdrój will be resumed; travel time from Warsaw to Radom and from Krakow to Bielsko-Biała will be shortened, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe informed.

The holiday timetable adjustment will come into effect next Sunday.

New connections

According to the railway infrastructure manager, PKP PLK, after 29 years in Mazovia, the railway connection to Zegrze Południowy will return from June 11. The investment will enable the inhabitants of the towns near Warsaw to get directly to work and schools in the capital. In addition, from Sunday, trains will go from Ostrołęka to Chorzela. The travel time on the Ostrołęka – Chorzele route is approximately 45 minutes.

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In Lower Silesia, from June 24, you will be able to travel along the mountain route from Świdnica to Jedlina-Zdrój. Inhabitants, among others Bystrzyca, Lubachów, Zagórze Śląskie and Jugowice will use the new stops. The opening of the route from Świdnica to Jedlina-Zdrój will ensure access by rail to tourist areas in the area of ​​the Sowie and Wałbrzyskie Mountains.

Faster to Radom and Bielsko-Biała

After correcting the timetable on the Radom-Warsaw route, trains will be able to run at a speed of up to 160 km/h, which is expected to shorten the travel time between the cities by several minutes. The shortest travel time between Radom and Warszawa Zachodnia will be 54 minutes.

On June 11, a new slip road in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska will be commissioned. Travel time on the route from Kraków to Bielsko-Biała will be shortened by over 10 minutes.

Also on June 11, the third and last railway bridge over the Vistula in Krakow will be opened. This means that all (four) railway tracks on the Kraków Główny – Kraków Płaszów section will be launched. According to PKP PLK, this is an important stage of the largest EU transport investment in the region, which will have a positive impact on the possibility of running trains throughout the Krakow Railway Junction.

New stops in Rzeszów

According to PKP PLK, residents of Rzeszów in Podkarpacie will be able to use new stops from Sunday: Rzeszów Centrum, Rzeszów Politechnika, Rzeszów Staromieście, Rzeszów Pobitno. As part of the construction of the Subcarpathian Agglomeration Railway, new stops will be launched from June 11: Boguchwała Dolna, Głogów Małopolski Niwa, Kolbuszowa Górna.

in the province Lower Silesia as part of the reconstruction of the Świdnica – Jedlina – Zdrój line, after more than 20 years, you will again be able to board the train from five stops: Bystrzyca Górna, Lubachów, Zagórze Śląskie, Jugowice, Jedlina-Zdrój. Access to the railway will also be provided by two new ones: Burkatów and Jedlina-Zdrój Centrum. On the other hand, residents of Lower Silesia will be able to use the new stop Boguszów Gorce Dzikowiec from June 8, and from Sunday – Świdnica Zawiszów.

Returning routes

In Małopolska, direct rail connections to Zakopane are back from June 22, m. from Krakow, Warsaw, Szczecin, Poznań and Gdynia. From June 15, trains return to the Tarnów – Muszyna route.

According to information from PKP PLK, trains on the Łódź-Drzewica route will return from Sunday. The trains will travel over the new bridge over the Pilica River in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. There will also be long-distance connections, e.g. Poznań – Kraków, Gdynia – Łódź – Kraków and regional Łódź – Drzewica.

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