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PKP Intercity announces a tender for “disposal and destruction of documents”. Now the company explains

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Four days after the elections, PKP Intercity announced a tender for the “disposal and destruction of certificated documents,” former PKP president Jakub Karnowski pointed out on social media. The company explains that the proceedings will concern “outdated ticket forms withdrawn from circulation.”

“PKP Intercity, 4 days after the elections, on Thursday, October 19, announces a tender for the ‘disposal and destruction of documents confirmed by a certificate’. The deadline (for submitting offers – ed.) is Tuesday, October 24,” Jakub Karnowski, the former president of the company, wrote on social media on Saturday.

The economist attached a screenshot to the entry, showing the title and details of the tender.

Company explanations

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On the same day, the company itself responded to one of the entries on this matter. “The procedure concerns the disposal of outdated ticket forms withdrawn from circulation. These are strict accounting forms, therefore the contractor must have appropriate authorizations to destroy this type of documents,” we read in the explanations of PKP Intercity. The company noted that “the title of the proceedings has been corrected.”

The company also published a photo with a new tender announcement. Its new title is “Liquidation of blank forms and forms withdrawn from use”.

PKP Intercity entryX (Twitter)

However, these explanations did not convince Jakub Karnowski. “PKP announced a tender for the ‘disposal and destruction of documents’. Now they say: it’s just ‘stuff’. If it weren’t for their vulgar involvement in politics, one would believe it. Ticket prices were manipulated, money was spent on a ‘referendum’,” he replied on social media .

On January 4, 2023, the state-controlled PKP Intercity announced ticket price increases. The company withdrew from them at the beginning of February, after the earlier intervention of Prime Minister Morawiecki. In turn, at the beginning of September, PKP Intercity announced that it was lowering the prices of monthly tickets on selected routes.

The PKP Group Foundation was also involved in the campaign before the referendum organized by the government, which took place on the day of the parliamentary elections.

Shredders for ABW

Last week, before the parliamentary elections, the website of the Internal Security Agency (ABW) included a public order for 55 shredders, which are to be delivered no later than December 15 this year.

In the technical parameters of the contract specifications, it is written that shredders, both those with lower and higher power, have, among others: destroy credit cards and be resistant to staples and paper clips. Some were also supposed to be mobile (on wheels).

On Friday, government spokesman Piotr Mueller, in an interview on the Third Program of Polish Radio, was asked about the statements of opposition politicians about the destruction of documents in government institutions in the face of a possible change of government – including: Leftist politician Krzysztof Gawkowski, who said in an interview with RMF that he had information that “some dangerous process of destroying documents has started” in the Ministry of National Defense and the army. – I also hear that some movements have started in the Ministry of Justice regarding the cleaning of the archives and what was transferred from regional prosecutor’s offices to the National Prosecutor’s Office – Gawkowski also said.

– There is a record of documents, especially classified documents. Each of these documents has its own separate number and it is impossible to delete documents that are deposited in various types of repositories in the way these gentlemen say – they probably saw it in movies. Similarly, electronic documents in ministries are recorded in the so-called EZD (electronic document management system – ed.) and other electronic systems – replied the government spokesman.

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