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PKP Intercity – new price list and ticket price increases. Company explanations

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PKP Intercity must introduce higher prices for rail tickets due to a very large increase in energy prices, the company’s press team reported. According to the carrier, the company’s bills are to be three times higher this year than in 2019.

“The main reason why we are forced to change prices and adapt them to market realities is a very large increase energy prices mainly due to Russian aggression against Ukraine and the so-called putinflation. The purchase of electricity is the company’s biggest cost. In 2019, this cost amounted to approx. PLN 500 million gross, in 2023 the forecasted cost of purchasing electricity will amount to as much as PLN 1.5 billion gross, i.e. three times more” – indicated in the commentary sent to PAP.

PKP Intercity publishes a new price list

On Wednesday, PKP Intercity announced that a new ticket price list will come into force from January 11. Base prices for single tickets in Pendolino trains will increase by 17.8% on average, by 17.4% on EIC trains and by 11.8% on average on TLK/IC trains.

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In a comment sent to PAP on Thursday, PKP Intercity pointed out that the company’s latest forecasts indicate a potential increase in operating costs per passenger in 2023 compared to 2022, which may exceed 40 percent.

According to the carrier, the change in ticket prices will not compensate for the effects of a significant increase in the operating costs of PKP Intercity, but will only partially mitigate them.

How much will ticket prices increase?

“We would also like to point out that in 2022 over 90% of all people transported by PKP Intercity were passengers of TLK and IC category trains. Approximately 53.5 million passengers out of nearly 59 million traveled on economy category trains, in which the percentage increase prices is lower (about 11.8 percent) than in the case of combinations of the EIC and EIP categories (an increase of 17.4 percent for the EIC category and 17.8 percent for the EIP category)” – it was indicated.

PKP Intercity announced that when traveling on an economy class train (TLK or IC), a passenger until January 10 this year will be will pay a maximum of PLN 68, and after January 11 this year, i.e. after the introduction of the new price list, it will pay PLN 76.

The carrier also reminded that the dynamic pricing system introduced in May 2022 in all categories allows you to reduce ticket prices. For example, as part of the Super Promo offer, when traveling on a TLK or IC train in the 2nd class, a passenger can buy a ticket from PLN 19, for the Promo Plus threshold it is PLN 34, for the next Promo 45, Promo 30 and Promo 15 thresholds, the price will be: PLN 41 PLN .80, PLN 53.20 and PLN 64.60.

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