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PKP Intercity tickets are more expensive. Former president of the company Jakub Karnowski: these are the highest increases in history

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If there is no competition, the price will grow and it will race with inflation – said the former president of PKP Jakub Karnowski in the “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” program, referring to the high prices on the railway. According to Karnowski, these are “the highest increases in the history of PKP Intercity”.

From January 11, a new price list for railway tickets is in force. Base prices for single tickets in Pendolino trains increased by 17.8% on average, 17.4% on EIC trains and 11.8% on average on TLK/IC trains. The increase in ticket prices was justified by the increase electricity prices.

– These are the highest increases in the history of PKP – said Karnowski.

Reasons for the increases

According to him, one of the reasons for this situation is “one of the highest in Europe inflationthat we have in Poland.” – This is the result of errors in the NBP’s monetary policy and the wrong so-called policy mix, i.e. the wrong combination of fiscal and monetary policy – he explained.

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The second reason, according to Karnowski, “is the disastrous management of the company since 2015”. – We have a tragic management of PKP, which can be seen, for example, in the quotations of PKP Cargo on the stock exchange – he said.

No competition

– PKP Intercity, a bit of Polregio, are monopolists on the railway market when it comes to journeys between large cities. If there is a monopolist, it can dictate prices. If there is no competition, the price will grow and it will race with inflation – said the former president of PKP.

When asked if it is possible to let private carriers onto Polish tracks, he replied: “this is the moment to do it, it is possible”.

– There are different formulas that allow you to compete for the best slots. It is obvious that in the morning from Krakow to Warsaw or from Katowice to Warsaw there will be a more attractive slot than in the afternoon. Still, it is possible, he said.

Jakub Karnowski was also asked if there is a chance for really cheap train tickets in the future. – It depends on whether managers or politicians will manage the PKP (…). It also depends on whether the state will treat taxpayers as political customers, i.e. whether it will buy electoral sausage, or whether it will ensure that certain social services, which are important in the 21st century, are preferred by tax policy, he said.

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