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PKP Intercity. Warsaw – Munich, PKP Intercity on the launch of ticket sales for the IC Chopin train

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PKP Intercity announced the launch of ticket sales for the train from Warsaw to Munich via Vienna and Salzburg. Although the connection was launched on Saturday, it was not possible to purchase a ticket for this connection on the Polish company’s website. PKP Intercity blamed the Austrian operator.

On Sunday afternoon, PKP Intercity posted an entry on social media, informing that tickets for the IC Chopin train are now available for sale at ticket offices and on the carrier’s website.

“Due to Austrian Railways making sales available to us, purchasing tickets for the Chopin train on the Warsaw-Munich route is now possible. Purchases can be made at ticket offices, tickets at promotional prices are also available on the Intercity website” – we read in the entry on the website X (formerly Twitter).

“It will soon be possible to purchase tickets via our mobile application,” the railway company declared.

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PKP Intercity also published a statement on this matter. As explained, reservations for seats in direct carriages Warsaw – Munich – Warsaw in both directions are made available through the Austrian Railways reservation system.

Train from Warsaw to Munich

The scheduled departure and arrival times of the train are: Munich Hauptbahnhof (HBF) at 18:35 to Warszawa Centralna at 8:48 and from Warszawa Centralna at 19:58 to Munich HBF at 10:01. On the route, the train stops at the following stations: Munich East, Rosenheim, Salzburg, Attnang-Puchheim, Linz, St. Pölten, Vienna and also Kraków.

The connection started on Saturday, but with low attendance. As reported by TVN24 Biznes, PKP Intercity spokesman Cezary Nowak, contrary to social media reports, “the train was not empty, 30 people traveled to Vienna in the sleeping cars, and on the section from Krakow towards Vienna, almost all seats were occupied.”

At the same time, he admitted that there was a problem with ticket sales, which was the Austrians’ fault. As the spokesman explained, it was about the failure to provide sales for the IC Chopin train by Austrian Railways. “The inability to purchase tickets for the Chopin train going to Munich resulted from problems related to the provision of tariff data by the Austrian railways. PKP Intercity sales systems were and are prepared to issue tickets as soon as the sale was unblocked by the Austrian carrier” – assured in Sunday’s statement message.

According to the information provided by the carrier, “tickets for seats in sleeper cars are available from EUR 74.90, and for seats from EUR 44.90.” The train consists of two sleeping cars and three cars with seats.

PKP Intercity spokesman Cezary Nowak recalled that the last train from the capital of Poland to the capital of Bavaria ran through Dresden in 1993.

The most popular carriers

According to data from the Office of Rail Transport, in the period from January to October 2023, 310.66 million passengers used railway services.

Polregio is a passenger carrier with the largest share in the domestic market. The company transported 26.14 percent. all passengers. PKP Intercity took second place with a result of 18.23%. Koleje Mazowieckie was ranked last on the podium – 16.37%.

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