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Plane crash in Malaysia. Khairil Azwan survived another plane crash 13 years ago

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Khairil Azwan is one of ten people killed in a small jet crash near Kuala Lumpur on Thursday. He experienced a similar accident 13 years ago – at the time he was the co-pilot of the helicopter that crashed, the Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times reported.

A small plane crashed on Thursday near the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The plane, which crashed onto the highway, was then hit by a car and a motorcycle. All those present on board the machine were killed: six passengers and two crew members, as well as the driver of the car and the motorcyclist.

One of the fatalities in the crash was Khairil Azwan, who was on the plane as a passenger. As the Singaporean “The Straits Times” notes, 13 years earlier this man had already survived another plane crash. In September 2010, bad weather caused the helicopter he was piloting to crash into a hillside.

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Malaysia. The remains of the machine that crashed on the highwayPAP/EPA/FAZRY ISMAIL

The Prime Minister of Malaysia promised to help the relatives of the victims

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim appeared at the hospital on Friday, where an autopsy and identification of the bodies were taking place. He promised to help the relatives of the victims of the accident.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the crash. On Monday, aviation experts from the United States are to help with this, who are to inspect the wreckage of the plane.

Malaysia. The plane crashed on the highway two minutes before it was scheduled to landPAP/EPA/FAZRY ISMAIL

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/FAZRY ISMAIL

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