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PLN 300 for village leaders. For whom, from when, application – a draft application template to KRUS has been published

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The monthly allowance of PLN 300 for village leaders is to apply from July 2023. In order to pay the benefit, you will need to submit an application to the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS). A draft document template has been published. According to government estimates, 40,000 people meet the conditions for receiving the benefit.

On the website of the Government Legislation Centre, a draft regulation on the template of the application for a cash benefit for performing the function of a village administrator has been published. Project prepared by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MRiRW), was sent for arrangements and public consultations.

Pursuant to the Act on cash benefits for performing the function of a village administrator, a cash benefit of PLN 300 per month will be granted to a person who has held the position of a village administrator for two terms, and for at least 8 years. An additional condition is age, in the case of women at least 60 years old, men – at least 65 years old. In the regulatory impact assessment attached to the draft regulation, it was estimated that 40,000 persons meet the conditions for receiving the benefit.

In the justification, it was pointed out that currently “there is no remuneration for performing the function of the mayor”. “This function is also not an entitlement to be covered by social insurance, and the term of office is not included in the period of employment. Thus, the effort made by village leaders for the benefit of the rural community is not adequately rewarded. The village head also organizes social and cultural life in the countryside” – indicated the authors of the project. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development stressed that the village leader performs all the above tasks on a voluntary basis, “outside of his professional activity”.

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In order to obtain the benefit in the amount of PLN 300, it will be necessary to submit an application to the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund. “Taking into account the need to standardize the applications submitted to KRUS, it is necessary to specify its template” – it was emphasized.

PLN 300 for village leaders – draft application template

The draft shows that the application will have to provide personal data, such as: name (or names), surname, date of birth, PESEL number, as well as the address of residence and correspondence address.

The benefit can be paid in several ways. For this purpose, the applicant will submit an instruction. “Please transfer the cash benefit for performing the function of the village administrator to the indicated address of the place of residence / correspondence address / the following bank account or account in a cooperative savings and credit union” – such options will be available to the applicant. If no choice is made, the benefit will be transferred to the indicated address of residence.

The application will include both the address of the applicant for the payment of PLN 300, as well as the bank account number and the name of the bank or SKOK. In addition, you will also need to indicate the address of the tax office competent for the applicant.

The application will have to be accompanied by a certificate of the mayor (mayor, president of the city) competent for the village where the village head served as a function, confirming the period of performing this function and the applicant’s declaration of no criminal record for a tax offence committed in connection with the performance of the function of mayor.

The regulation is to enter into force – similarly to the Act – on July 1, 2023.

The bill awaiting the president’s signature Andrzej Duda It was written that this year the maximum limit of state budget expenditure for the implementation of tasks related to the payment of benefits for village leaders will amount to PLN 73.8 million. In 2024, this amount is to increase to nearly PLN 162.9 million. At the same time, the act stipulates that next year, on March 1, the first indexation of the benefit amount is to be carried out.

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