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Plock. A year and a half since the murder of three boys

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Piotrek, Adrian and Oskar – the bodies of three boys from Płock were found in their home. All three were at that time under the care of their mother’s partner, who at that time was fighting for the life of her daughter suffering from cancer. It’s been a year and a half since the tragedy. Although Mrs. Małgorzata still cannot get over the loss of her three sons, she decided to talk to us about the background of this case. The woman cannot believe the opinion of the experts. Reportage “Notes!” TVN.

It’s been a year and a half since the gruesome murder of three boys in Płock. Małgorzata, their mother, has not yet been able to return to the city where the tragedy occurred.

– It’s hard to find. And it’s not like time heals wounds, because it’s getting worse, the longing is getting bigger – says the woman through tears.

Piotrek was the oldest – he was 17 years old, Adrian was 12 years old, and the youngest Oskar was a 9-year-old boy. For three months, the boys had been under the care of Radosław K., their mother’s partner and Oskar’s father. Their mother could not take care of them because her fourth child, daughter Oliwia, fell ill with leukemia. Both were at that time in a hospital in Warsaw. However, she was in contact with her sons every day.

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– I found out that something had happened because my oldest son’s girlfriend called me in the morning and said that Piotrek did not answer the phone. I started calling too, but the boys didn’t pick up. I called the school, but they didn’t get there – says Mrs. Małgorzata.

“At first there was a suspicion that it might have been poisoned. Unfortunately, the boys turned out to be dead. There were cut wounds on the neck. The bodies of the children lay: two on the bed, one on the floor. It is probable that the children died while sleeping, said prosecutor Marcin Policiewicz, deputy district prosecutor in Płock.

Why did Radoslaw K. kill?

One and a half years after the tragedy, the reporter of “Notes!” TVN talked to the boys’ mother. Does the woman know why the tragedy happened? What was her ex-partner like? – He was calm. He was very fond of the kids. The kids didn’t argue, neither did they with him, says Małgorzata.

– Piotrek, the eldest son, took care of everything. Radosław only went to work in the morning and returned after 3 p.m., and Piotrek did everything. He dressed the boys, took them to school, picked them up. He did homework with them and even cooked. He (Radosław – editor’s note) praised Piotrek so much – says the woman. “I have no idea what caused it,” he adds through tears.

He hid for eight days

The case shocked the whole of Płock. After the murder, the man took valuable items from the house, locked the door and drove away to the Vistula river. There his car was abandoned.

There were many indications that Radosław K. could have been hiding with his mother at that time. Reporter “Notes!” managed to talk to her right after the tragedy.

– It doesn’t get to me because that’s how he got along with these children. Neither my sister, with whom he spoke on the phone on Sunday, nor I, who are still in contact with each other and had contact, no one would suspect. And whoever I talk to, no one believes what happened,” the woman said.

Radosław K. hid for eight days. On the day of the boys’ funeral, the man was arrested on one of the streets. – The suspect Radosław K. was hiding in a vacant lot. He was detained by an off-duty police officer on the street in Płock – informed Joanna Jackowska from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock. – He made extensive explanations in which he did not question his perpetration. He changed his position in the course of the proceedings – she admitted.

Who is Radoslaw K.?

43-year-old Radosław K. was in a relationship with Mrs. Małgorzata for almost 10 years. He worked as a construction worker, he was not listed anywhere. He was supposed to abuse alcohol, but he hadn’t had a drink in three months.

On that tragic night, however, he was supposed to buy vodka at a gas station. It was Women’s Day, he talked for a long time that day with Mrs. Małgorzata on the phone. The couple then talked until 2 am. Did the woman feel that something was wrong, that something was beyond him?

– NO. He always said that problems are there to be solved, says the children’s mother. Małgorzata adds that during the conversation they did not raise any controversial topics. They didn’t argue.

He was supposed to propose to me this year. I only found out later because he asked the kids if they agreed. He was supposed to do it on my birthday.

For the last three months before the tragedy, Małgorzata spent a lot of time in Warsaw at the oncology ward in Warsaw. Could this be the reason for the man’s frustration? “There was a moment when he got jealous that I was there, that he wasn’t there. He asked if dads were there. I say yes, that there are, that parents exchange here – says Mrs. Małgorzata.


Radoslaw K. is insane?

After a two-month observation, to the surprise of Mrs. Małgorzata and the neighbors, court experts issued an opinion about Radosław K.’s insanity and mental illness. They upheld it after a supplementary opinion. This means that the prosecutor’s office has the right to discontinue the case. The man will not be convicted then, but will be sent to a mental institution.

“I don’t agree with the opinion they gave that he was insane. Due to the fact that after all this, he normally got himself into the car. He took all his things, got in the car and drove away – says Małgorzata. – He kind of killed me too. I lost my children. I want him to suffer the appropriate punishment for this: life imprisonment. I won’t get my boys back, but I want my daughter to be able to rest assured that she’s safe, she adds.

– In my opinion, serious doubts have arisen as to the reliability of the expert opinions. The conclusions of the opinion are not consistent with the research process and, above all, with the behavior of this gentleman. He did not ask questions: what have I done, what is happening to me, I will reveal myself. In my opinion, this proves that he was sane at the time of the act – judges Agnieszka Grzywka-Kulas, Mrs. Małgorzata’s attorney.

– After prolonged observation, the total time of which was 8 weeks, (…) the suspect was diagnosed with mental illness and that Radosław K. was mentally impaired, i.e. he was unable to recognize the meaning of the act or control his conduct. In such a case, we must rely on the specialist knowledge of forensic psychiatrists – explains Joanna Jackowska from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock.

– Recognition of delusions in Poland is overused. People with psychosis generally do not prepare, it is impulsive, it is sudden. In addition, people in psychosis generally do not hide. The psychosis tolerates it, which means he knew he was being punished. He knew, that is, he distinguished good from evil – assesses Jerzy Pobocha, MD, president of the Polish Society of Forensic Psychiatry.

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The inhabitants of Płock are afraid

Although Radosław K. has been arrested and is in custody, the residents of Wyszogrodzka Street in Płock fear that the man will return to this place one day if he does not go to prison. They demand severe punishment.

– On the site inspection, he showed everything, where he was hiding, and then what? Made him insane? This is sick to me. Will he come out and enjoy his freedom? I can’t imagine him going free – says Mrs. Monika, a neighbor.

– He will spend six months in a psychiatric facility, he will leave, he will come back here and we are afraid too, right? His daughter knew Oliwia well, she went to her often, and he also knows her very well, associates her. I don’t know if it’s going to affect her either, right? – adds Ewa, also a neighbor.

– I will be able to live peacefully when I know that he will never come out again – concludes Małgorzata.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the investigation is at an advanced stage and all the evidence has been gathered. However, it was decided to appoint another team of experts to determine whether he was sane at the time of the murder of Radosław K. and whether he will stand trial.

Main photo source: Attention TVN

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