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Plock, Hajnowka, Wroclaw. They were off duty, pulled two boys out of the hot car. The mother was with her third son by the water

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Off-duty police officers noticed a parked car with two small children in it. The temperature outside, as described by the uniforms, exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, and the children were sweaty and exhausted. The officers got the boys – one year old and 2.5 years old – out of the car. Their mother was at the water with her older son at the time.

Police officers remind you that officers from all over the country are on duty near the eastern border. One of them is Mateusz Bernal from the Police Prevention Department in Płock, who noticed a car in the parking lot of one of the stores during his time off duty in Narewka in the Hajnówka district.

The car was parked in a very sunny place, and that day the air temperature – as indicated by the police – exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.

The temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius, and the children were sweaty and exhaustedMasovian Police

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A locked car, two small children inside. “They looked exhausted”

“The door of the car was closed, there were two small children in the car seats in the back seat of the car, who, despite the slightly opened window, were very sweaty and looked exhausted. The officer for a moment tried to find their guardian. Another officer who also had a day off was a police officer from OPP Wrocław, junior asp. Łukasz Sarnicki, “the Mazovian police informed in a communiqué.

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Police officers managed to roll down the rear door window so that the children could be taken outside and carried inside the air-conditioned store where they were given water.

“The boys’ mother appeared after about 30 minutes with her third son, with whom she said she was by the water. According to the woman’s account, she left her sons in the car for more than half an hour and did not see anything wrong with it,” the officers add in the message. However, they did not inform whether the woman faced any consequences for such behavior.

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Police appeal

The police are urging people not to leave the elderly, children and pets in the car in hot weather, even for a moment. “When there are such high temperatures outside, staying in a closed car, where there is no air circulation, can lead to a tragedy” – they remind.

“Let’s pay attention to each other, let’s sensitize to such irresponsible behavior, and a quick and reasonable assessment of the situation may allow someone to avoid drama” – they add.

From the left: young asp. Lukasz Sarnicki, Sgt. pcs. Mateusz BernalMasovian Police

Main photo source: Masovian Police

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