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Płock. He downloaded the application and counted his profits. They cheated him and he lost over PLN 400,000

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A resident of Płock found an application that was supposed to analyze the stock market and financial situation and help in effective investing. Following the instructions, he transferred the money to the indicated accounts and enjoyed the profit. Only it was only virtual. A resident of Płock fell victim to fraudsters and lost over PLN 400,000.

As Monika Jakubowska, spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Płock, informed on Thursday, the notification submitted there shows that a 51-year-old resident of this city, looking for a way to invest his savings, browsed investment websites – eventually, on one of them, he came across an application that allegedly was to check the current stock exchange and financial situation.

Profits grew, but only virtually

– The resident of Płock provided all the necessary data and then received a phone call from a man who introduced himself as a sales consultant. Initially, the 51-year-old had to pay a verification fee of approximately PLN 1,000, after which he received access to an individual account of the downloaded application, where stock indices were displayed, Jakubowska explained.

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As the spokeswoman for the Płock police added, the investor was then contacted by a woman who was supposed to be his analyst and advisor. The man continued to follow her instructions, transferring his money to the indicated accounts, and the profits increased, but as it later turned out, only virtually.

– When the invested money was supposed to be transferred to the 51-year-old’s account, no trace of it was lost and the man realized that he had fallen victim to fraud. He lost a total of about PLN 420,000, Jakubowska emphasized.

“Act wisely.” Police appeal

The police appeal: “act wisely and do not succumb to illusory visions of large and quick profits offered by criminals. Always verify information. Never act hastily.” According to the officers, any events that raise suspicion of fraud should be immediately reported to the police directly or by calling the emergency number 112.

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