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Płock. Knife attack at the Orlen plant. Injured security guard, attacker detained, confessed

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The knife attacked a security guard in front of the Orlen plant in Płock. The victim was hospitalized and operated on Tuesday morning. He has stab wounds, inter alia, to the chest, back and thigh, the prosecutor said. The attacker was arrested by the police. He was charged with attempted murder and serious damage to his health. The suspect confessed to the alleged offense. He provided explanations on this matter. They show that his motive was an injury related to the loss of his job in Orlen.

The attack happened before five in the morning. The event was confirmed by the Płock press office Orlen.

“We confirm that today in the morning there was an incident, as a result of which an employee of Orlen Security was injured. The victim was immediately provided with assistance, the services of the concern acted in accordance with the procedures” – PKN Orlen press office reported on Tuesday. As indicated, the incident took place outside the premises of the PKN Orlen production plant in Płock.

The company stressed that “currently the relevant law enforcement agencies are carrying out explanatory actions”. “PKN Orlen is in contact with the family of the injured Orlen Security employee” – it was stated in the press release.

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The event was described on TVN24 before 9 o’clock by the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Płock Assistant Commissioner Marta Lewandowska. – A 41-year-old man attacked a security guard with a knife. Immediately after this incident, he was apprehended and detained by security guards, she said. She added that the striker had not previously had a record.

Speaking about the health of the 42-year-old security guard, Lewandowska said that he was hospitalized. – Current information shows that his condition is severe but stable. He has stab wounds to the chest, back and thigh – prosecutor Małgorzata Orkwiszewska told journalists.

Refinery in Płock (archival photo)Marcin Bednarski / PAP

The attacker is arrested. He pleaded guilty

Orkwiszewska said that “the perpetrator was apprehended immediately after the incident by other security personnel of the concern”. – He’s arrested by the police. At the moment, procedural activities are underway with him – she described.

The prosecutor informed that a number of procedural steps were carried out at the scene, including visual inspection, the car in which the perpetrator arrived was searched, and monitoring was secured. She added that witnesses to the event were also questioned.

At 3.15 p.m. the attacker was brought to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock and interrogated by investigators.

– The suspect confessed to the alleged offense. He provided explanations on this matter. They show that the motive for his actions was an injury related to the loss of a job in Orlen, explained prosecutor Orkwiszewska at a press briefing. – Not personally to the person, but to people he identified with the former place of employment from which he was dismissed – she added.

Orkwiszewska pointed out that now the prosecutor will apply to the court for the temporary arrest of the man. “It’s being prepared at the moment,” she said.

The perpetrator was a 41-year-old resident of Płock

– The perpetrator is a resident of Płock, born in 1980. The findings show that the man received psychiatric treatment. At the time of the incident, he stated that he was a soldier of special services and was carrying out the order, the district prosecutor said.

She also mentioned that a “weapon-like object” and two blast grenades were found in the attacker’s car. She noted that a search of the attacker’s apartment was also ordered. According to preliminary findings, he lived there alone.

A spokeswoman for the City Police Headquarters in Płock, Sub-commissioner Marta Lewandowska, announced that “the attacker was sober at the time of the incident.” – Blood was taken from him for tests for the content of intoxicants in the body – she added. At the same time, a spokeswoman for the Płock police explained that at the present stage “activities are initially carried out in the direction of attempted murder”.

The main production plant of PKN Orlen is located in Płock. It is the largest refining and petrochemical complex in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. The plant is strategic for the energy security of our country.

TVN24 reporter Mariusz Sidorkiewicz asked the prosecutor Małgorzata Orkwiszewska in Płock about the details of the case. – The victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition. While I was investigating his health, there was an operation in progress – she said. “There was information that the condition threatened his life,” she added.

Commenting on the attacker, the prosecutor said he was sober at the time of the attack. When asked about the charges against him, she stated that this could include attempted murder or serious injury. – These decisions will be made after reading the materials in the coming hours – she announced.

District prosecutor in Płock about a cutthroat attack near the Orlen plant. The whole conversationTVN24

Police: he claimed to be a special forces soldier, that’s not true

The attack is being investigated by investigators from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Płock and prosecutors from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock. “It was initially established that the man suffers from mental disorders. In his vehicle, police officers secured dummy weapons and bangs. During the arrest, the suspect claimed to be a special forces soldier, which is not true” – the police said in a press release.

The RMF24 service informing about the attack was the first to report that weapons and grenades were found in the car.

The detained man admitted to attacking a security guard at the Orlen facility in PłockKMP in Płock

tvn24.pl, RMF24, PAP, TVN24

Main photo source: KMP in Płock

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