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Płock. Mariusz Bieniek is missing. The search will resume on Tuesday

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During Monday’s search on the Vistula River, the starost of Płock, Mariusz Bieniek from the Polish People’s Party, was not found, who went missing on Sunday evening, when the boat that was sailing with two other men capsized. The action will continue on Tuesday.

The spokesman for the Płock fire brigade in Płock, Captain Edward Myser, announced that the search for the Płock starost, Mariusz Bieniek from the Polish People’s Party, would be carried out – on Tuesday they were to resume at around 9 o’clock.


Difficult conditions during the search operation

St. Captain Edward Mysera admitted that Monday action They were hindered by, among others, the high level of the Vistula River and the turbidity of the water by sediments carried along the river current, and at the end of the whole day of exploration, also by heavy rainfall. According to the spokesman of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Płock, Captain Edward Myser, the search on the Vistula River, which began on Monday at around 9 a.m., was stopped after dark – 120 people participated in the action.

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– The search on the Vistula and its banks from Świniar, where the accident happened, to Płock, was conducted throughout the day by firefighters of the State Fire Service, fellow volunteers, as well as policemen and WOPR. There were a total of 15 boats on the river. There were three sonars and two teams of divers. Unfortunately, the missing person was not found – said Captain Myser on Monday evening.

The search for the missing Płock starost, Mariusz BieńekPAP / Szymon Łabiński

As announced by the spokesman of the Płock fire brigade, a sonar specialist who came to the search site positively assessed their use so far. – During the evening briefing, he also outlined the method of conducting the action, which will be resumed on Tuesday morning, with the use of these devices – emphasized Captain Myser. He added that after the search was resumed, the operation would be conducted – as it was on Monday – not only on the river, but also on its banks, which will be patrolled again.

Search for the missing starost

The accident happened on Sunday evening on the Vistula River above the town of Świniary near Płock. As previously reported by the fire brigade, when three men fell out of the boat, two of them managed to get ashore, including thanks to the help of other people, while the third man was not found, despite the action lasting several hours, which ended after dark.

On Monday, after the search action was resumed in the morning, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock confirmed that the missing is the Płock starost, Mariusz Bieniek, who, together with two friends, went fishing on the Vistula on Sunday – previously the identity of the wanted was known unofficially. As the deputy district prosecutor in Płock, Marcin Policiewicz, announced, an investigation will be initiated in the case of the accident. He added that on Monday, inter alia, two men who participated in the incident.

Seeking staroste of Płock Mariusz Bieniek after a boat capsized on the VistulaPAP / Szymon Łabiński

On Sunday, the divers managed to locate the overturned boat on the Vistula, but the search did not find the person wanted there – as part of the investigation, the boat will be subjected to a detailed inspection.

After receiving a report on a boat accident on the Vistula River in the area of ​​Świniary near Płock on Sunday evening, state units and a volunteer fire brigade were sent for rescue operation, and sonar was used to search for the missing man – a total of 6 boats led the search on the river on Sunday.

During the search resumed on Monday, there were, among others, representatives of the Płock starosty, as well as the former local staroste from Płock, currently Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL) – Mariusz Bieniek, 38, replaced him in the position of the Płock starost in 2014. Previously, he was the mayor of Wyszogród.

Main photo source: PAP / Szymon Łabiński

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