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Plock. National PSL Harvest Festival with the participation of Szymon Hołownia. “The third place winner will decide”

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The third place winner will decide. If it’s us, it will be a democratic government and removing pests from power. If there is a party that competes with us, they will go and fall into each other’s arms – said on Sunday during the National Harvest Festival of the Polish People’s Party in Płock, the leader of the peasants’ party, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. – We’re not telling you we’re going to tip the table over. We will radically clean it up. The table in politics, in our homes, will again become a place where you can talk – said the head of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia.

The leader of the People’s Party spoke during the National Harvest Festival of PSL Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz. – Today we have to write another chapter of Rzeczpospolita, write it with the most beautiful stanzas, in the most beautiful, most dreamed-of way. No one will do it for us, no one will change Poland for the better, no one will regain full freedom, subjectivity for us, no one will lead Poland out of this wasteful clandestine, except for the Third Way – our alliance with the youngest party on the scene in the Republic of Poland, with Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia he said.

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– No one but us will do it, because in order to achieve great goals, the peasant movement was created by Centrolew, as in the past, formed the Chjeno-Piast coalition, led various challenges and co-chaired as now, because we are co-leaders. There is no racing for priority here, there is cooperation, even if there is a problem, there is a conversation and finding good solutions. This is something that is sorely lacking in Poland, he emphasized.

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Wladyslaw Kosiniak-KamyszPAP/Szymon Labinski

– The Third Way is the way of dialogue and understanding, cooperation and development, security and the future, respecting our tradition, identity and culture. This is the road to victory for Polish women and men. This is the only chance, my dear. Others couldn’t get along. Some took the easy way out and went into service. Others have long since betrayed the rules, he added.

– This is our Third Way, because some people ask what it is. This is the fact that it is possible to cooperate despite various reasons, views and even worldviews. Because Poland is diverse, and Poland is great, and everything will fit here. You just have to want it, said the leader of the PSL.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: Whoever comes third will decide what the government will be like

– Today, the only chance for a democratic government to win and remove the vermin from power is to take third place. The third place winner will decide. If it’s us, it will be a democratic government and removing pests from power. If there is a party that competes with us, they will go and fall into each other’s arms – said Kosiniak-Kamysz.

– And there will be no low and simple taxes, only Braun will be responsible for the education of our children. This is choicewhich we are facing. The most important thing in this fight will be who will stand on the most beautiful for us, at this moment, in four years, we will fight for more, but at this moment on the third step of the electoral podium, and for us the Olympic Games, which are held once every four years in of this policy are taking place, he concluded.

Hołownia: we have built the only electoral bloc on the side of the democratic opposition

Szymon Hołownia, the leader of Poland 2050, also spoke. – We are here to show that you can do the most important things together. You have seen and heard in recent months how many have been talking about the need for cooperation. How many frothed in various discussions about the need to unite, to make blocks. And what did they do? We were the only ones who really did something. Despite all the differences we have, we took a risk, we incurred the costs and, out of responsibility for Poland, we built the only electoral bloc on the side of the democratic opposition, the Third Way, he said.

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– Look, they’ve been pointing out to us recently that we had differences. Yes, we had differences and still have them on various issues. But what? We were the only ones who agreed. We were the only ones who showed that when there are differences, you don’t fly around the media and throw things at each other, but sit down at the table, talk and work out solutions – he continued.

National PSL Harvest FestivalPAP/Szymon Labinski

– Władek said that the Third Way wants to take third place. There’s no other way. But believe that it will not end there, that we will fight on, we will fight for the second and the first. Because when it comes to the race, you think about winning. To win, and we, and you, above all, deserve this victory.

Hołownia: we will not overturn the table, we will radically clean it

– Often in our discussions, in the campaign, the figure of the table will certainly appear. We have people in politics today who come and say, this table needs to be turned over. We have already watched various tables overturned for 30 years. How much longer can we live in a country where everyone who comes to power either blows up something, or vacuums and cleans something for four years, or knocks over some furniture. how many more? Hołownia asked.

Simon HolowniaPAP/Szymon Labinski

– So we’re not telling you we’re going to knock over the table. We will radically clean it up. The table in politics, in our homes will again become a place where you can talk, eat a meal together, work and do all the most important things for us. We are going to the elections on October 15 so that the Christmas Eve supper, which will take place two or three months later, will be the first in years where we will not argue about politics – he said.

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We will return you to normality and freedom. Deep breath to your families. Poland, fresh air, hope, sun. Yellow color that symbolizes light and energy. And green, which symbolizes the strength that grows from the earth and what is most beautiful in our natural environment, they will lead us to victory by the third way – he announced.

Hołownia: we will not overturn the table, we will radically clean itTVN24

Hołownia: we want to solve the problem of rural communication exclusion

As he stated, he is glad that Poland 2050 has a coalition partner who is the only one who represents the interests of the Polish farmer. – Our partner is loyal. Just as he never betrayed the Polish farmer, he will never betray. This is the foundation of hope that we want to carry forward together today – said Hołownia.

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He listed the tasks that Poland 2050 wants to implement together with PSL. – For the Polish countryside, we want to bring a solution to the problem of transport exclusion, doubling the local railway infrastructure development fund to PLN 20 billion. It is necessary to organize – and it is possible, and quickly – a bus to every commune, in every commune, railway connections in every poviat, to every poviat. It is to be done. PIS he didn’t. PiS turned the Polish countryside back from the path of development. It has led to the fact that today Polish children from rural areas pass their matriculation examinations 10, 15 percent worse – said Hołownia.


He also announced a nursery in every Polish commune and “making it finally profitable to produce organic food in Poland.”

Main photo source: PAP/Szymon Labinski

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