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Płock. Starost Mariusz Bieniek is dead. Initial autopsy results

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The Płock staroste went missing on Sunday after a boat capsized on the Vistula River. His body was found on Wednesday in the Płock region (Mazowieckie Voivodeship). The prosecutor’s office is investigating the manslaughter of a local government official and informs about the preliminary results of Mariusz Bieńek’s autopsy.

The prosecutor’s office presented the preliminary results of the autopsy of the Płock starost, Mariusz Bieńek. – Violent death due to drowning. These are the preliminary results of the autopsy. They confirm earlier assumptions. Everything points to an unfortunate accident – said prosecutor Marcin Policiewicz from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock on Friday.

He added that the autopsy of the staroste, whose body was fished out of the Vistula near Płock on Wednesday, was carried out the next day, on Thursday. And its final results will be known at a later date, after detailed testing of the collected samples.


Search on the Vistula

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Mariusz Bieniek went missing on Sunday evening, when the boat he had set out to fish with two friends capsized on the Vistula River, above the town of Świniary, near Płock. As the fire brigade informed at the time, when three men fell out of the boat, two of them escaped ashore, while the third man – as it turned out later from the Płock starost – could not be found.

The search continued on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Vistula was checked from Świniary downstream towards Płock. A dozen or so volunteer boats and state fire brigades were used in the activities. Rescuers of the Voluntary Water Rescue Service were also helping. The banks of the river were also patrolled. In total, over a hundred people participated in the search.

Wednesday before noon body of the starost Mariusz Bieńek anglers found on the Vistula River, about two kilometers from the Piłsudski Legions in Płock – approximately 20 kilometers from the accident site.

ŚwiniaryGoogle Maps

Prosecutor’s office investigation

Immediately after the disappearance of the Płock starost, the local prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation. Tentatively qualified: manslaughter. Two men who were involved in the accident were heard as witnesses on Monday. As Prosecutor Policiewicz pointed out, the proceedings are conducted in the case, which means that no charges have been brought against anyone. According to the investigators, preliminary findings show that the boat capsized on the Vistula River when it ran aground. Sailors then attempted to put the boat on the water, but at one point the Płock staroste left and was unable to return. And – as it results from the findings of the investigation – the two remaining men, despite their attempt, did not manage to reach him. On Monday, when the search action was continued, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock confirmed that the missing is the Płock starost, Mariusz Bieniek, who, together with two friends, went fishing – previously the identity of the wanted was known unofficially.

Płock: The body of the Płock starost has been found. Piotr Zgorzelski identified them25.08.TVN 24

The funeral of the Płock staroste will take place on September 2

Mariusz Bieniek was born on October 20, 1983. He lived with his wife, daughter and son in Wyszogród, with which he was also professionally connected for many years – he was, inter alia, the mayor of this city. He became the starost of Płock for the first time in 2014. According to the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Piotr Zgorzelski (Polish People’s Party), Mariusz Bieńek’s funeral will take place on September 2. Funeral ceremonies will start at 12.00 in the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Płock, and after the mass, which will be presided over by the auxiliary bishop of Płock diocese Mirosław Milewski, the funeral procession will go to Łętowo, where Mariusz Bieniek will be buried in the parish cemetery, in the tomb family.

Mariusz Bieniek PAP / Szymon Łabiński

Main photo source: PAP / Szymon Łabiński

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