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Plock. The brutal murder of three boys. The investigation continues. What has been established?

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The prosecutor’s office has not yet completed the investigation into the murder of the three boys. The crime took place over a year ago in Płock. Investigators are waiting for a second opinion from expert psychiatrists. The first showed that the suspect was insane at the time of the murder.

– We are waiting for a supplementary psychiatric opinion. This is the only and key evidence at this stage of the investigation, the direction of further proceedings depends on it, said Iwona Śmigielska-Kowalska, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock.

“The deadline for completing the investigation is early June 2023,” she added.

The first opinion says insanity

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The man was arrested after the bodies of three boys aged 8, 12 and 17 were discovered in one of the houses in Płock on March 9 last year. According to investigators, the 42-year-old killed them with particular cruelty. After the murder, he went into hiding for several days.

As part of the investigation conducted by the Płock district prosecutor’s office, a local vision was carried out with the participation of the suspect in the house where the boys were murdered and by the Vistula River. Based on the analysis of its course and the initial examination, expert psychiatrists assessed that specialist observation is necessary to issue a comprehensive opinion on the sanity of the suspect.

The first expert opinion came to investigators earlier this year. Specialists diagnosed the suspect with mental illness at that time and categorically recognized, as the spokeswoman told us, that the suspect at the time of committing the act had “completely abolished the ability to recognize the actions taken and the ability to control his behavior.”

In such a case, the man could not stand trial, the investigation would be discontinued. However, he could, at the request of the court, be transferred to a specialist centre. However, the prosecutor’s office asked the experts for another opinion, which, according to the spokeswoman, has still not been received.

The search for a man suspected of a triple homicideKMP in Płock

Three boys died from cut wounds

The bodies of the boys were found by firefighters who had previously received a report of no contact with the oldest of them. His friend told him about it. On the same day, the police ordered a search for Radosław K., the father of the youngest of the boys, initially informing that the 42-year-old was wanted “for a case”. With the consent of the prosecutor’s office, his details and description were published.

As it was reported, Radosław K., “in the absence of his mother, he took care of the boys”. According to unofficial information, at that time the mother was in another city, where the 14-year-old sister of the murdered boys was treated in one of the specialist hospitals.

The autopsy showed that the cause of death of the boys was hemorrhagic shock caused by deep cut wounds to the neck inflicted with a sharp tool with an incisal surface – such a tool is, for example, a knife. One of the younger boys also had cut wounds to his hands, i.e. typical defensive injuries.

The search for a man suspected of a triple homicideKMP in Płock

Stopped by an off-duty policeman

The search for Radosław K. was carried out, among others, in in the area of ​​the Vistula River in Płock and outside the city limits, heading upstream. A few hours after the discovery of the boys’ bodies, the wanted car was found – the car was abandoned in Wykowo near Płock, in the area of ​​the Vistula River. The search involved, among others, boats, a helicopter and sniffer dogs, including specially trained ones, which led to a place near the river where the trail of the suspect ended.

Radosław K. was captured on March 17 last year. He was recognized on one of the streets of Płock by an off-duty police officer who called for support from non-uniformed officers. The police reported that the arrest of the 42-year-old “was dynamic, the man did not manage to try to escape”. A knife was found next to the detainee, which was secured for further procedural activities.

Main photo source: KMP in Płock

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