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Plock. The mayor was driving drunk. PiS councilors filed a motion to dismiss him

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The starost of Płock, Sylwester Z., will soon be charged with drunk driving. The politician apologized for the situation and expressed the hope that he would rebuild trust in himself. In turn, PiS poviat councilors filed a motion to dismiss the starost, emphasizing his dishonorable behavior.

The incident took place on April 6 on the national road No. 62 in Nowe Gulczewo near Płock, when – as the police informed – the emergency number received a report that an Opel was driving this route, which did not keep a straight track. The alcohol content test indicated 1.3 mg/l in the exhaled air of the driver (approx. 2.6 radium in the body).

Immediately after the incident, the police did not disclose the identity of the driver. A few days later, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock confirmed that it was a 39-year-old man the starost of Płock, Sylwester Z. An investigation has been launched in connection with the incident. A decision was also issued to suspend the driving license of the driver, as well as a decision to charge him with driving while intoxicated.

“I intend to cooperate with the institutions that will clarify this matter”

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– In connection with the incident that took place on April 6 in the morning, in which I participated, I would like to apologize to you today for the situation – said Sylwester Z. on Wednesday, addressing, among others, Mr. to councillors, co-workers and, as he stressed, to the inhabitants of the Płock poviat.

The starosta also assured that “he will bear the full consequences of his act”. – I am also at full disposal and I intend to cooperate with the institutions that will clarify this matter in full openness, because I also want to fully explain all the circumstances of this situation – he declared.

Sylwester Z. emphasized that he always treated his tasks and local government role with great responsibility. – That is why today I feel obliged to work even harder for the benefit of the Płock poviat – he declared. And he added: “I hope that with my next actions, my next hard work, at least to some extent, I will rebuild your trust in myself.”

A representative of PiS councilors filed a motion to dismiss the starost

After the speech of the starost of Płock, Małgorzata Purcelewska, a representative of the club of PiS district councilors, read out the application for dismissal of Sylwester Z. from his position, arguing that he had not acted honorably, in accordance with the code of ethics of a local government official and the expectations of residents.

Purcelewski stated that the application was submitted “taking into account the care of the good of the poviat” and “taking into account the lack of honorable behavior of the starost in the form of resignation from the position”.

– It must be clearly emphasized that the starost, as a local government official, at the head of the poviat, according to reports, was to commit one of the most serious crimes threatening safety in land traffic – the PiS councilor emphasized. As she reminded, the priority task of the poviat “is to take care of road safety”.

Sylwester Z. was elected as the starost of Płock by the councilors of this poviat at the end of September 2021. His candidacy was submitted by PSL. Earlier, from 2014, he was the mayor of the Radzanowo commune in the Płock poviat. He took over the position of starost after the tragically deceased predecessor, 38-year-old Mariusz Bieńku, who in August 2021. drowned in Wisła near Płock.

Police: The driver was calm during the activities

As the district prosecutor in Płock, Małgorzata Orkwiszewska, informed earlier, a report about an Opel that does not keep a straight track was received on April 6 from another road participant – a police patrol was sent to the place.

– The driver of the Opel was traveling alone. He was calm and obeyed the commands of the policemen. Alcohol content tests were performed several times at appropriate time intervals. The result was positive each time, and the highest indicated 1.3 mg / l in exhaled air – prosecutor Orkwiszewska said earlier.

She also noted that after taking steps to verify his sobriety, Sylwester Z. was released – in the opinion of the police, his behavior and the event itself did not require the use of preventive measures. The materials collected in the case by the police, including the results of alcohol tests, were then transferred to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock.

According to Art. 178a par. 1 of the Penal Code, driving while intoxicated is punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to two years.

According to PAP information, Sylwester Z. is to be charged with driving while intoxicated and to be interrogated at the Płock District Prosecutor’s Office on Friday, April 21.

Main photo source: TVN24

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