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Płock. Trial regarding the murder of Krzysztof Olewnik

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The hearing of Ireneusz P., convicted in the first trial in the case of the kidnapping and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, has begun, scheduled for nine days. He has the status of a witness in the second trial, which has been ongoing for over a year.

Since March 2022, the second trial regarding the abduction and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik has been ongoing before the District Court in Płock (Masovian Voivodeship), in which the indictment against five people, including Jacek K., a close friend and accomplice of the kidnapped person, was prepared by the branch of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków . In this trial, in June this year, Ireneusz P. was to testify as a witness.

However, before the first set date, the Płock court received a letter from the police, which stated that Ireneusz P. had declared that he would not appear for questioning and had resigned from the witness protection program. When, as announced, he did not come to court to testify, the court decided to determine his whereabouts in order to summon him again. Ultimately, these findings brought results, which allowed the witness to be called again.

“There was no question of any murder”

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On Wednesday, Ireneusz P. appeared in the Płock District Court, assisted by the police, as a protected witness. He was dressed in a black T-shirt with a bulletproof vest and black sweatpants. He also had a black balaclava and black sunglasses. His hearing, on the first day of nine planned days, took place in a special room outside the main court building.

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– It was supposed to last three months, until Christmas, this kidnapping. Wojtek had plans on how to collect the money. There was no question of any murder – Ireneusz P. testified on Wednesday, mentioning the leader of the kidnappers group, Wojciech F. Before the hearing, the court took an oath from the witness as to his truthfulness.

According to Ireneusz P., the following people directly participated in the abduction, which took place in October 2001 near Drobino near Płock: F., as the head of the group, and its members – Artur R., Piotr S. and Cezary W. They were sentenced in the first trial regarding the kidnapping and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik. According to Ireneusz P., Robert P. was also on site, guarding one of the access roads near Krzysztof Olewnik’s house, as was Ireneusz P., from Drobin. He himself, testifying in court, emphasized: I was not involved in the kidnapping.

“There will be problems with this”

According to previous investigators’ findings, Ireneusz P. and F. met in 1998 while serving sentences in the Prison in Płock. It was then – as Ireneusz P. admitted during the first trial – that he told Wojciech F. about the Olewnik family, and he allegedly suggested that the money “would be best made by kidnapping some rich person for ransom.” It later turned out that Krzysztof Olewnik, who lived alone, was chosen as the kidnapping victim.

On Wednesday, Ireneusz P. told the court that when, during one of the conversations in the Płock prison, F. learned from him that he was from Drobin, he started asking about the Olewnik family. – He said he was planning to kidnap Olewnik. At first it was probably the father (Włodzimierz Olewnik, Krzysztof’s father). He used the word “old” – the witness testified.

As Ireneusz P. added, after serving his prison sentence, on F.’s orders, he observed Włodzimierz Olewnik’s plant located near Drobin for some time. Later, F. himself, who was visiting Ireneusz P. in Drobin, was responsible for reconnaissance, including the area around Krzysztof Olewnik’s house. According to him, F. gave up on kidnapping Włodzimierz Olewnik due to his hearing problems, saying that “it would cause problems.” He also received from Robert P. a plan of Krzysztof Olewnik’s house drawn by him. At the same time, the property was under surveillance, including: from nearby corn fields.

Ireneusz P. admitted in court that the first attempt to kidnap Krzysztof Olewnik almost ended in a mistake – it was about a week before the final abduction, when a car left the observed property, but it ultimately turned out that it was driven by Jacek K., Krzysztof’s friend and partner Olewnik, and the two sometimes exchanged cars. Jacek K. is the defendant in the current trial.

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As Ireneusz P. explained on Wednesday, he learned about Krzysztof Olewnik’s kidnapping the next morning, when he was staying on a plot of land in Kałuszyn (Masovian Voivodeship), belonging to F. He was hiding there after an earlier incident involving him, which he called “retaliation”. Then F. and Artur R. arrived at the plot in a damaged Polonez. According to them, the muffler in the car broke during the abduction and now it was necessary to repair it. F. allegedly said that in order to take the kidnapped away, it was necessary to start Krzysztof Olewnik’s BMW – eventually F. sat behind the wheel of the car, two other kidnappers in the back, and Krzysztof Olewnik between them. In turn, Artur R. followed the damaged BMW Polonez.

After the abduction – as Ireneusz P. testified – Krzysztof Olewnik was taken by the kidnappers initially to a “den in the countryside” near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. – A day or two later – the witness reported – Krzysztof Olewnik was transported to a plot of land in Kałuszyn. He was handcuffed, without shoes, and had traces of blood on his head.

“The police are on their way”

In court, Ireneusz P. also said that when the kidnappers got to Krzysztof Olewnik’s house, at one point Artur R., Piotr S. and Cezary W. who were guarding him – when F. was trying to start the BMW in the driveway – noticed that Krzysztof Olewnik was calling to someone and then announced that “the police are on their way.” Then the three kidnappers guarding him ran out of the house and into the cornfield. During this time, Krzysztof Olewnik managed to get outside and started screaming. F. reacted to this and dragged him back into the house. Then Artur R., Piotr S. and Cezary W. appeared there again – He was terribly upset with them because they ran away from his house into the corn – said Ireneusz P. about F’s reaction.

The hearing of Ireneusz P., which began at the Płock district court on Wednesday, was scheduled until September 22 – during which time nine days, with breaks, were allocated to hear the witness.


Ireneusz P., alias Bokser, Bokserek, in the first trial regarding the kidnapping and then in 2003 of the murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, which took place in 2007-2008, was sentenced by the District Court in Płock to a total penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment with the possibility of applying for parole. release after serving a sentence of 12 years. He was then one of 11 defendants, including Robert P. and Sławomir K., who were ultimately sentenced to life imprisonment. After the verdict was announced, they were found hanged in the cells of the Prison in Płock: K. in 2008, and P. in 2009.

Even before the first trial, in 2007, Wojciech F. was found hanged in the cell of the Olsztyn Remand Center. According to the findings of the local District Prosecutor’s Office at that time, he was the head of the group that kidnapped Krzysztof Olewnik. Ireneusz P. and Wojciech F. met in 1998 while serving sentences in a prison in Płock. It was then – as Ireneusz P. admitted during the first trial – that he told F. about the Olewnik family. It later turned out that Krzysztof Olewnik was chosen as the kidnapping victim.

Initially, in 2003, the Olewnik family received an anonymous letter identifying Ireneusz P. and P., also from Drobin, as participating in the kidnapping. It was also reported anonymously that Krzysztof Olewnik was then imprisoned by kidnappers near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. After his arrest in 2006, Ireneusz P. admitted to participating in the detention of the abducted person.

During the current trial in the case of the kidnapping and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, Katarzyna R., F.’s then wife – the woman now has a different surname – testified as a witness before the Płock District Court that she drove to the house on the plot in Kałuszyn (Masovian Voivodeship) – where, as it later turned out that Krzysztof Olewnik was imprisoned – delivering food to Ireneusz P., who “lived there”. Katarzyna R. explained that F. then told her that Ireneusz P. had to hide in Kałuszyn because he had beaten someone. Kałuszyn, as she reported, was also visited by Sławomir K.

In the first trial for the abduction and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, Katarzyna R. was accused of participating in an organized criminal group – she was ultimately acquitted of this charge. The court then sentenced her to a one-year prison sentence, suspended for three years, for hiding documents.

In the indictment, which was submitted to the Płock District Court at the end of June 2021, the Krakow branch of the National Prosecutor’s Office accused Jacek K., a friend and accomplice of Krzysztof Olewnik, of participating in an organized armed criminal group and taking part in the armed robbery of Krzysztof Olewnik as a hostage, holding him until a ransom of PLN 300,000 was paid. euro. The period and manner of detention of the abducted person, including: Chaining the victim to the walls and placing the injured party in a waste tank resulted in particular torment for him, and ultimately he was deprived of his life. During the first hearing, in March 2022, Jacek K. did not plead guilty to the alleged acts and described the allegations as absurd.

Similar charges as in the case of Jacek K., including participation in the armed group that kidnapped Krzysztof Olewnik, were also brought by the Krakow branch of the National Prosecutor’s Office against Eugeniusz D., alias Gienek. The indictment also included Grzegorz K., a former local government official from Sierpc, who was accused of, among others, using, in order to obtain financial gain, the emotional state and situation of Włodzimierz Olewnik, i.e. the abducted father, and providing him with false information and extorting PLN 160,000. zloty. Two other defendants, including Andrzej Ł., were also charged with causing Włodzimierz Olewnik to dispose of property unfavorably – including: by over 120 thousand PLN and false assurances about the possibility of releasing the kidnapped person and Mikołaj B. – this includes, among others: for transfer of PLN 13,000 PLN and misleading as to the possibility of identifying the login locations of the phone used by the perpetrators of the abduction.

After Krzysztof Olewnik was abducted from his home on the night of October 26-27, 2001, the perpetrators contacted his family dozens of times, demanding ransom. In July 2003, 300,000 were transferred to the kidnappers. euro, but the abductee was not released. As it later turned out, he was murdered a month after the criminals collected the money. His body was buried in the forest near the town of Różan (Masovian Voivodeship) – the body was found only in 2006.

The files of the proceedings currently pending before the Płock district court, including annexes, number over 400 volumes. At the current stage, the trial is planned there until March 2024.

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