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Plonsk. He filled up for over eight thousand, several times more than the bus’s tank. He paid with a corporate card

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He refueled over 1.1 thousand liters of fuel for over eight thousand at a time and paid with a company card. A representative of the company reported a suspicious transaction, because there was several times more diesel fuel than the tank of the bus for which it was to be purchased could hold.

According to the spokesperson of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Płońsk, Kom. Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska, a representative of a company dealing with public transport reported there in connection with the suspicion of committing a crime by one of the employees. It was about a 48-year-old driver and a suspicion that he had paid for the fuel using a company card that allowed for cashless purchase, with the amount of fuel several times higher than the tank capacity of the bus entrusted to him.

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Translated as “calculation”

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– The officers dealing with the case collected the necessary materials and secured the recordings from the monitoring cameras placed at one of the petrol stations. They established that on the night of March 10 to 11, the 48-year-old refueled a total of over 1.1 thousand liters of diesel fuel with a total value of nearly PLN 8.1 thousand in this place, Kom. Drężek-Zmysłowska reported. She added that the bus driver, a resident of the Dzierzążnia commune, was arrested. – He explained to the police that in this way he collected the money he believed his employers owed him and compensated for the losses he incurred in connection with the repair of the bus he was transporting passengers – added the spokeswoman.

The 48-year-old was charged with theft and faces up to five years in prison.

The company’s details are not disclosed.

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