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Płońsk. Teenagers destroyed the bar. The owner’s losses amounted to nearly PLN 17,000

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In Płońsk (Masovian Voivodeship), four teenagers got into a closed bar. They destroyed the equipment, which was recorded by surveillance cameras. According to the police, the girls overturned tables, climbed on refrigerators, damaged a pool table, broke an umbrella and broke tableware. During the interrogation, they were unable to explain their behavior.

The bar was demolished in early November. The place operated seasonally as a kayak rental. While it was closed, someone got inside and destroyed the equipment, causing losses totaling nearly PLN 17,000. The owner of the bar was alerted by her friend who saw a light on in the premises. The woman reported the crime.

As the spokeswoman for the District Headquarters in Płońsk, Commissioner Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska, informed on Thursday, the CCTV recordings provided by the injured party were carefully analyzed by the officers, and then, in cooperation with police officers from the police station in Nowe Miasto, it was determined that the damage to the property was caused by three 16-year-olds. a 15-year-old and a 15-year-old resident of the Płońsk district – all of them were summoned for questioning along with their parents.

– During interrogations as juvenile perpetrators of criminal acts, the teenagers confessed to everything. They were unable to rationally explain their behavior. According to the youngest, nothing major happened, the spokeswoman said.

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“They kicked or threw everything they could.”

The CCTV footage obtained by the police from the bar owner shows that the teenagers entered the premises through the balcony.

– All their actions were recorded by cameras – emphasized Commissioner Drężek-Zmysłowska. – The girls walked on tables and knocked them over, climbed on refrigerators, and kicked or threw everything they could. They damaged, among others: a billiard table, ripped off the wheels on the vacuum cleaner, broke an outdoor umbrella, broke tableware, and also destroyed the roof of the annex, which broke off when they walked on it – he adds.

As explained by the spokeswoman of the Płońsk police, according to the Penal Code, persons committing the crime of damaging property face from three months to five years in prison. – In the case of minors, the family and juvenile court decides on the punishment – she said.

Main photo source: KPP Płońsk

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