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Płońsk. The teenagers wanted to return to Germany. They stole two cars and collided with a fire truck

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They took the first car from their guardian in Poland. It broke down, so a second one was stolen in Płońsk. With this car they hit a fire truck and tried to escape. They were arrested after a chase. The 15-year-old and the 17-year-old are German citizens. They are not family, in Poland they have guardians.

The spokeswoman for the Płońsk police, Komm. Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska, said that both teenagers, German citizens, were interrogated and charged. It turned out that the 15-year-old and the 17-year-old had been living in Poland for some time, in one of the towns in the province. Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

“17-year-old hit a fire truck”

Last Wednesday morning, the teenagers took the keys to their guardian's car and drove away in the Audi with the intention of returning to Germany. The car broke down on national road number 7 near the town of Kondrajec Szlachecki. The teenagers abandoned the vehicle and reached Płońsk on foot, where they stole a Dacia passenger car on Towarowa Street to continue their journey.

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When the 17-year-old driving the car hit the fire truck, they started running away in panic – said Comm. Drężek-Zmysłowska. Almost at the same time as the report about the collision between the Dacia and the fire truck, the Płońsk police station received a report about the theft of this passenger car.

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Commissioner Drężek-Zmysłowska explained that the collision occurred at the junction of the road leading from Płońsk to the S7 route towards Gdańsk – the fire truck was driving with its siren at the time. After the collision, firefighters followed the fleeing Dacia and notified the police. The officers found an abandoned passenger car in the parking lot of the Passenger Service Center in Ćwiklinek – on the S7 route – but there was no one in the Dacia. It was determined that the two people traveling in the vehicle fled towards nearby buildings.

The fugitives were hiding in the bushes

– The police immediately started checking the adjacent area in search of escapees. After only a dozen or so minutes, near Ćwiklinek, the officers noticed two people who were trying to hide from them in the bushes. It turned out that they were 15-year-old and 17-year-old German citizens. Both were detained – added the spokeswoman of the Płońsk police.

The older of the teenagers was taken to a room for detained persons at the local police station, and the 15-year-old was sent to a children's room.

– Both detained teenagers will be held responsible for the theft of an Audi and a Dacia – emphasized Comm. Drężek-Zmysłowska. She noted that the 15-year-old was questioned as a juvenile perpetrator of a criminal act and that the decision in his case would be made by the Family and Juvenile Court, while the 17-year-old would be held accountable as an adult and, in accordance with applicable regulations, would face up to five years in prison.

They will check the care in Poland

Police officers from Płoń sent letters to the courts to check the manner in which they took care of teenagers.

As Kom. Drężek-Zmysłowska said, the 15-year-old and the 17-year-old are not related and their parents currently live in Germany. – They both have guardians in Poland. This is one family they lived with, added the spokeswoman for the Płońsk police. She noted that after the teenagers' disappearance, the family contacted the police.

Main photo source: Płońsk police

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