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Płońsk. They stole power tools from garages. Detainees and charges

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Police officers from Płońsk detained 24- and 27-year-olds, whom they connected with cases of burglary and theft of power tools. The officers recovered some of the stolen items. Both men were charged. They face up to 10 years in prison.

Since the beginning of October, the District Police Headquarters in Płońsk has received several reports of burglary, thefts and attempted thefts. The perpetrators, as we read in the press release, stole power tools left there mainly from garages and delivery vehicles. The losses amounted to even several dozen thousand zlotys.

One wanted to hide at a friend’s house

“At the scene of each incident, the police examined the scene, and a forensic technician secured the traces. Witnesses were interviewed, and monitoring was secured in places where possible. The analysis of the collected materials and data confirmed the suspicions of the officers, who suspected that all crimes had been committed correctly. 24- and 27-year-olds known to them – residents of the Płońsk district,” said Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska, spokeswoman for the local police station.

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The police determined the whereabouts of both men. “When the 24-year-old saw the officers, he tried to escape from them and hide in his friend’s apartment. It turned out that he had previously been waiting in front of a block of flats in one of the housing estates in Płońsk for a person who was supposed to buy stolen power tools from him. The criminals also detained the second of the suspected men – 27-year-old,” added the policewoman.

The detainees were charged with stealing power tools. “After completing the evidence, they will hear more about burglary and attempted theft,” the spokeswoman assured.

They face 10 years in prison.

The officers recovered some of the stolen itemsMasovian Police

Main photo source: Masovian Police

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