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Pobiedziska. Instead of going to a sobering-up center, they took him to the forest, where he died. Policemen sentenced

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One and a half years of absolute prison for Filip S. and one year of imprisonment suspended for three years for Karolina F. – such sentences were handed down on Monday in the District Court in Gniezno in the retrial of former policemen accused in the death of a 36-year-old man. Instead of taking appropriate action, the officers took him to the forest, where he died.

The court sentenced Karolina F. to one year in prison, suspended for three years. He also imposed a fine and a four-year ban on practicing professions related to protecting people's safety and ensuring public order.

Filip S. received one year and six months of absolute prison. The court also imposed a six-year ban on practicing professions related to protecting people's safety and ensuring public order.

The judgment is not final.

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“S. was the patrol commander”

Karolina F. and Filip S. were charged in connection with the incident that occurred in May 2018 in Pobiedziska.

The prosecutor's office accused them of failure to fulfill their duties in connection with the execution of the order to detain the accused, as well as failure to fulfill official duties during the intervention against 36-year-old Piotr M., unlawful deprivation of liberty, and unintentional exposure to direct danger of loss of life or serious bodily injury. Both defendants were dismissed from the police.

Justifying the verdict, Judge Hubert Kozłowski said that the evidence collected was sufficient to attribute the crimes charged to the defendants – with some modifications. When issuing the judgment, the court slightly changed the description of the act.

In his justification, the judge referred in detail to the explanations provided by Karolina F. He also pointed out, among other things, that the policewoman “succumbed to some pressure from the accused Filip S., gave in to his ideas, his decisions, his initiative.” S. was the patrol commander, he was a senior, he had served in the police longer, and he had also served longer at the Pobiedziska Police Station.

“He was helpless, he needed care and supervision”

According to the court, there is no doubt that when the defendants abandoned the drunk Piotr M. in the forest, he was unable to stand, much less returned to his place of residence. – The defendants left him, regardless of the fact that it was a very hot day, which only increased the risk of a very unfavorable course of events for the injured party and deterioration of his condition – said the judge.

He added that the evidence collected in the case does not allow it to be assumed that the defendants intentionally or unintentionally caused the man's death. He also emphasized that “the court partially changed the legal classification of this act, assuming that the defendants had a duty to care for the injured party” – despite his condition, or perhaps even especially the condition in which he was. He was helpless, he needed care and to ensure that his condition did not worsen, which could result in a serious threat to his life and health, the judge emphasized.

He pointed out that “the defendants omitted these elementary duties even though they were the guarantors of Piotr M.'s safety, especially after they placed him in the police car and then committed his unlawful deprivation of liberty.”

Referring to the sentence imposed on the defendants, the judge emphasized that in this case there were circumstances that “were strongly to the detriment of both defendants.”

– Particularly reprehensible and reprehensible, also arousing justified social outrage, were the behaviors constituting the basis for the second of the charges brought against the defendants, those relating to actions taken against Piotr M. These behaviors cannot in any way be justified or explained by any significant, objective circumstances. The defendants deliberately and flagrantly failed to fulfill their duties and exceeded their powers – and this is beyond any doubt in this case, the judge emphasized.

The defendants and their lawyers were not in court on Monday.

The first judgment was annulled

The first trial of former policemen began in September 2019. In June 2021, the District Court in Gniezno sentenced Karolina F. and Filip S. to one year in prison with a conditional suspension of its execution for three years, a fine, and a ban on occupying the office for four years. positions and professions related to ensuring public safety and order.

The court found that at the beginning of May 2018 in Pobiedziska, as police officers, they did not fulfill their official duties in the implementation of statutory police activities, and during their patrol duty, they did not properly intervene against Piotr M.

The prosecutor and the subsidiary prosecutor appealed against the verdict of the court in Gniezno. In July 2022, the District Court in Poznań overturned the contested judgment and referred the case to the District Court in Gniezno for reconsideration. The retrial of the defendants began in March 2023.

The incident took place in mid-May 2018. In Pobiedziska near Poznań, the family reported the disappearance of a 36-year-old man. The man was supposed to leave the house, there was no contact with him. The police began to investigate the case. A day later, the man's body was found on a forest road near Lake Dobre.

Investigators determined that on the day of the incident, Karolina F. and Filip S., officers of the Pobiedziska Police Station, were on patrol duty. “Shortly before the end of duty, the police were called to intervene on an unconscious man who was lying on the side of the road,” it was reported.

“Despite arriving at the scene, the officers did not take any action to determine with certainty the man's health condition. They did not check his sobriety, did not provide him with medical care and did not document the actual course of activities carried out in the official notebook,” informed the District Prosecutor's Office in Poznań.

Investigators indicated that “the police placed the unconscious man in a police car and then, against his will, took him to the forest near Pobiedziska and left him there. The next day the man was found dead near the place where he was left.”

However, the prosecutor's office pointed out that the experts from the Department of Forensic Medicine appointed in the case “did not establish that the death of the injured party was a direct result of the accused officers' actions.”

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