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Poczta Polska is to introduce the “Welcome with arms” program for employees

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Poczta Polska introduces the “Greeting with arms” program for employees – informs “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The aim of the program is to enable employees to participate in shooting training, familiarize them with the safety rules in the use of firearms and acquire basic shooting skills.

The journal quotes the resolution of the operator’s management board No. 138/2022, issued on Thursday, July 7, entitled: “The ‘Welcome with arms’ program for Poczta Polska employees is being introduced”.

Shooting program at the Polish Post

“Anyone can shoot – be it a postman or an employee of the” window “. Any employee of the operator may apply. Only those who have shooting behind them are excluded: security guards, people with a firearms license and members of shooting clubs” – he informs “GW”.

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He adds that “postmen willing to learn how to shoot should hurry up”, because “the program provides for the training of a maximum of 1,000 employees, the order in which the application forms will be submitted”.

He also explains that “weapons and ammunition are to be provided by Poczta Polska Ochrony Center”, and “classes will be conducted under the supervision of ‘qualified shooting instructors who will teach participants how to use the presented weapons and how to shoot'”. At the same time, “four-hour trainings are to take place in free time”.

The newspaper writes that “under the name nobody wants to speak out against the idea of ​​the management board”. “Because, as we hear: ‘Nobody is a suicide’. Only the only right views are welcome in the Post Office. Any deviation from this rule is considered heresy” – it was written in the journal.

“Poczta Polska has been communicating for many months that, as an entity of special economic and defense importance, it focuses on the promotion of pro-defense attitudes among the Post Office workers and wants to develop or strengthen the necessary competences among its Employees in the event of crisis situations. The program you mention is actually being implemented.” “- quotes” GW “, spokesman of the Polish Post, Daniel Witowski.

Witowski adds: “The importance of basic knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, medical rescue or the use of means of personal defense is evidenced by the war on Ukraine“.

“Learning to shoot is another step towards the militarization of the Post Office employees. In the event of war, the operator already has his tasks – but more logistical than defensive: the distribution of mobilization cards is based on the post office. WOT‘”writes” GW “.

Polish Post with a historical profit

Last year, Poczta Polska achieved over PLN 177 million in profit – we read in Wednesday’s Rzeczpospolita. This is the best result in over a decade.

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