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Podkarpacie, Leżajsk. A white deer ran across the road. “For the first time I see a white individual in Poland”

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A white deer was observed in the Leżajsk Forest District (Podkarpackie Province). The animal ran across the forest road in the company of other deer. As foresters emphasize, it is a unique sight – white individuals are often excluded from the herd.

The recording with a rare mammal was published by Nadleśnictwo Leżajsk. The video posted on social media shows a herd of deer, also known as a swarm by foresters and hunters, running across a forest road. Among the six individuals there was one unique – a white deer.

“It’s such a gem”

The herd of red deer was recorded by Konrad Bród, who was driving with a friend on a Sunday afternoon on the road leading from Brzóza Królewska to the village of Wydrze. From a distance of about 50 meters, they noticed a running herd.

– We were near the palace in Julin. At the last moment I pulled out my phone. I didn’t expect to find an albino in my area.

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The spokesman for the Polish Hunting Association, Wacław Matysek, admitted that this was an exceptional situation. “For the first time I see such a white individual among red deer in Poland. It’s such a gem. But to be sure that it is an albino, you need to check whether it has red candles, i.e. eyes” – he said.

White deer from the Leżajsk Forest DistrictKonrad Bród and Kamil Dabrowski

Friends for a while

According to experts, white individuals are often excluded from the group. “They are different, they do not match the rest, then they are repelled, and because they can be seen from a long distance, such a swarm is easier to track right away” – explained the spokesman of the Polish Hunting Association.

The white deer from the Leżajsk forest has company, but this friendship does not have to last long. “When the rutting starts and the deer will look for partners, former buddies may even fight. For now, however, they live together and nothing happens” – added Matysek.

White deer from the Leżajsk Forest DistrictKonrad Bród and Kamil Dabrowski

Main photo source: Konrad Bród and Kamil Dabrowski

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