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Podlaskie. Bats in the Suwałki Region. They have finished counting

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Employees of the Suwałki Landscape Park counted the bats currently wintering in the Suwałki Region. 231 individuals were counted. The number of bats is growing every year. These mammals hibernate in over twenty cellars, which have been taken care of by bat lovers for years.

Winter is a critical period in the life of bats, because the insects that feed them are inactive during this period. In order to survive until spring despite the lack of food, these mammals fall into hibernation, which also allows them to be counted. By lowering their body temperature by more than 30 degrees Celsius and significantly slowing down their vital functions, they can survive using only subcutaneous fat reserves.

Employees of the Suwałki Landscape Park finished this year’s count. They counted 231 individuals. Five species of hibernating bats have been observed. These are: brown bat, barbastella barbastella, red bat, gilded bat and Natterer’s bat. The most numerous is the brown bat with 133 individuals, and the rarest – Natterer’s bat and golden bat with 12 individuals each. There are 33 brown bats, Barbastella – 39. Counters also found two bats that they could not identify. Last year, there were 232 bats in the Suwałki Region.

As Magdalena Marzec from SPK said, park employees are not able to reach all bats, so the number of counted mammals only reflects the trend of changes in their numbers. For example, five years ago, 173 individuals were counted and this number is growing year by year.

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They are taken care of by bat lovers

SPK has been conducting research on bats residing in the Suwałki Region for several years. The goal is to preserve an endangered species. The Suwałki Landscape Park and the Association of Lovers of the Suwałki Landscape Park “Kraina Hańczy” renovated over a dozen cellars at that time. In total, bats hibernate in over twenty cellars. Employees of these institutions also hung over 50 booths where these mammals stay in the summer. The director of the Suwałki Landscape Park, Teresa Świerubska, informed that for years, bat lovers have been making sure that the cellars meet the requirements for the existence of these mammals.

In the area of ​​the SPK there are also bats of such species as: common bat, greater pygmy bat, common noctule bat, Brandt’s bat and bat bat. Some of them exist only in summer, and before winter they leave.

There are 25 species throughout the country

The SPK areas are particularly suitable for bats. Near Jeleniewo near Suwalki in the summer, one of the largest colonies of the common bat, an endangered and rare bat in Poland, arrives and settles in Poland.

There are 25 species of bats in our country. All these mammals are under legal protection in Poland. European bats do not attack humans.

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