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Podlaskie, Bohoniki. Funeral of a 19-year-old migrant from Syria who drowned in the Bug river

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A coffin in front of the mosque, prayer and the laying of the body in the Bohoniki cemetery – this was the funeral of a 19-year-old Syrian who drowned in October while trying to cross the Bug River. The man was one of the first victims of the migration crisis on the border with Belarus.

The funeral of a 19-year-old Syrian took place on Monday evening in Bohoniki (Sokółka commune). drowned in October while trying to cross the Bug River. – The ceremony was performed by Imam Aleksander Bazarewicz – said Maciej Szczęsnowicz, chairman of the Muslim Religious Community of Bohoniki.

After the coffin with the Syrian’s body was brought from Belsk Podlaski, it was displayed in front of the mosque. After the prayer, the coffin was taken to the nearby Mizar – a Muslim cemetery.


A 19-year-old Syrian drowned while trying to cross the Bug River

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On October 19, Border Guards revealed a 22-year-old Syrian who illegally crossed the border from Belarus to Poland via the Bug River near the town of Woroblin (Biała Podlaska District). According to the 22-year-old, he and the other young man were sent by the Belarusian services to a pontoon in order to move to the other side of the river.

The search for a young man in the Bug was started by a water and diving search group. The divers found the body the next day. Andrzej Fijołek, the spokesman of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin, informed that the identity of the 19-year-old Syrian was confirmed “beyond any doubt”.

A week later, the spokesman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, Agnieszka Kępka, informed that the preliminary results of the autopsy showed that drowning was the cause of death of a 19-year-old Syrian citizen. – The doctor initially estimated that the man drowned. Actions are underway in this matter – said Kępka at the time. Proceedings are conducted towards manslaughter, it was informed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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