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Poland 2050. Szymon Hołownia presented the economic program. He announced a reduction in taxes

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Szymon Hołownia presented on Saturday the “Plan for the economy” of the Poland 2050 movement. – We will not only radically simplify taxes, but also reduce them in a concrete way. VAT rate up to 20 and up to 7 percent – he announced. He also talked about, inter alia, the introduction of “karniaks”, that is, compensation from the state for exceeding the time limit for examining citizens’ cases.

Hołownia took the floor during the Polska 2050 Forum in Warsaw. – PiS brought us Scandinavian prices, and we want Scandinavian quality of life – said the leader of Poland 2050. – We want and must start rebuilding the rubble left by PiS. These times require a strong economy, strong and courageous leadership and a long-term vision. We know how to do it, argued Hołownia.

– We promise security for entrepreneurs. Economic policy must be free from chaos and randomness, he emphasized. – It is small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who most painfully experience constant legislative changes and are deprived of support. They deserve justice and predictability – added the politician.


Hołownia on compensation for untimely consideration of citizens’ cases

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– We will introduce “karniaki”, ie compensation from the state for exceeding the time of examining our citizens’ cases, announced Hołownia. – We promise predictability, i.e. a guarantee that key changes, including any changes in the tax system, will complete the legislative process by June of the year preceding the change at the latest, he said.

Poland 2050 leader of the movement: we will lower taxes

The leader of Poland in 2050 assessed that “the Polish tax system is difficult to understand even for accountants with habilitation”. – Instead of today’s chaos, we propose a uniform levy, i.e. simplification of tax collection and settlements, a significant reduction of tax bases, thresholds, rates and discounts for various employment contracts, with the exception of economic activity – declared Hołownia.

– Everyone will be able to independently, in a simple way, calculate how much tax, how many contributions they will pay in a single tribute – he announced. – We will not only radically simplify taxes, but also lower them in a concrete way. VAT rate up to 20 and 7 percent – he added.

Hołownia: we will increase the share of local governments in PIT and CIT

According to Hołownia, local governments should receive at least 3 percent of VAT. – We will increase the participation of local governments in PIT and CIT, and the obligation to compensate local governments for losses incurred by local governments as a result of changes made by central authorities to be included in the local government laws, “- he stressed.

The leader of Poland in 2050 announced that his group wants to end the so-called junk contracts. – Once and for all we accept the principle that – regardless of the name – the contract that creates the employment relationship is a contract of employment in the light of the law – he said. As he added, especially in state institutions, it should end with “pushing employees into self-employment or civil law contracts against their will.” Hołownia emphasized that Poland should encourage Poles to work. – Moving the retirement age slider up and down is a straight path to nowhere – he assessed. – In our plan, people who decide to retire later will receive all the lost 13th pensions on the day they leave their professional activity – he declared.

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