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Poland-Belarus Border: Beijing on Chinese Maneuvers

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On Monday near Brest in Belarus, near the border with Polandstarted Belarusian-Chinese “anti-terrorist exercises”, which are scheduled to last until July 19.

In response to these exercises, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in in Warsaw stated that “closely monitors the long-standing cooperation between Beijing and Minsk as a factor with a potential impact on Poland's security as well” and “receives with concern” strengthening Beijing's military cooperation with Russia and Belarus.

China-Belarusian Maneuvers: Beijing Speaks Out

Due to the concerns of the Polish side, PAP asked for comment by the MFA spokesman Chin. Lin Jian said that specific issues regarding the joint training of Chinese and Belarusian land forces should be asked “competent authorities on the Chinese side”.

“China hopes that both sides will resolve their differences through dialogue and consultation. based on mutual respect” – said the head of Chinese diplomacy.

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Asked about the differences between the approach to the US-Philippine exercises – which Beijing openly criticizes – and the Belarus-China exercises, Lin argued that the latter results from from “normal military exchanges and are not aimed at any country.”

“Cooperation between countries, including security ties and military cooperation, should not be aimed at or harm the interests of a third party and should not undermine peace and stability in the region,” the Chinese spokesman said.

Maneuvers at the Polish border. During the NATO summit

The maneuvers at the Polish border coincided with the peak NATO w Washingtonwhich concluded that “the People's Republic of China has become a decisive factor supporting the war Russia against Ukraine through the so-called borderless partnership and large-scale support for the Russian defense industrial base.”

Commenting on the reports of the maneuvers in Brest, the Chinese media point out that these are the first joint maneuvers of the armies of these countriessince Belarus last week joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, established at the initiative of Russia and China.

The Global Times, Beijing's English-language propaganda mouthpiece, also recalled that the Honor Guard of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently took part in a military parade in Minsk on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus.

“Both events showed that the ALW is capable of quickly transporting troops in case of a security threat,” the Global Times wrote, quoting unnamed observers.

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