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Poland celebrates 20 years in the European Union. “It was and is a very good time for Poland”

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20 years of Poland in the European Union means benefits, subsidies, investments and changes visible to the naked eye. Poland also gained in security. Although not everyone likes everything, especially politicians who are skeptical about many EU ideas, the vast majority of Poles still support our presence in the Community.

“Ode to Joy” was sung in choir in Wrocław on Wednesday. In Poznań, the European Union anthem was accompanied by sounds from a synthesizer, and in Szczecin, Friedrich Schiller's composition was sung by non-professional artists. But on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Poland's entry into the European community, you could also sing simply “Happy Birthday”.

In Białystok, residents remembered and reviewed our two EU decades. At the European picnic in Warsaw, you could make your own EU badge and children could get to know other member states.

– The European Union is not a perfect entity. It's not that we should think that everything is great, but we were able to use our membership in the EU as Poland, and this is shown by hard data, to make the best use of the entire region – comments Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy.

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President: our presence in the European Union has historical significance for usTVN24

“Poland today really needs unity”

On Wednesday morning, the president made an anniversary statement. – We can certainly say one thing: it was and is a very good time for Poland. Our presence in the European Union has historical significance for us, said President Andrzej Duda.

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Andrzej Duda invited the Prime Minister to Wednesday, but in the meantime Donald Tusk fell ill with pneumonia. – Unfortunately, the Prime Minister did not take advantage of my invitation, but I believe that we will successfully develop our policy of further participation in the European Union together. Today, Poland badly needs unity, Duda said. It is difficult not to assume that the prime minister's entry is a reference to the president's statements. “Today let us remember those who bravely and with imagination began our path to the Union. Lech Wałęsa and the prime ministers Mazowiecki, Bielecki and Suchocka. Many thanks! I will not mention those who caused and spoiled things and today put on proud faces in front of the cameras. It's a pity. holidays,” wrote Donald Tusk.

Meeting of the heads of the Polish and German Ministries of Foreign Affairs

On Wednesday, the head of the European Commission met Polish journalists in Brussels. – This is a day that should be celebrated – said Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. And he emphasizes: recent years have proven how important our cooperation is. – I think we should have listened more and better to the countries of Central Europe and the Baltic states, because they have rich experience with their neighbors, with Russia – admitted von der Leyen. The head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with his German counterpart in Słubice, on the border with Germany. There was a symbolic crossing of the border bridge and talks. – We meet here with students, young people, and also on the German side. Some of them are at the same age of membership (Poland – ed.) in the European Union – pointed out Radosław Sikorski.

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The hopes associated with that day 20 years ago were more than fulfilled, said Sikorski, but his statement included a reference to the June elections to the European Parliament. – Let bad people who attack our values, who want to return to the 19th century ways of conducting politics, not win – Sikorski appealed. The head of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted that “over 20 years ago there were concerns about whether the enlargement of the Union would have negative effects, for example, on the labor market,” but as she added, the bold decisions that were made turned out to be exceptionally accurate.

Baerbock: European integration is not falling from the sky

Baerbock: European integration is not falling from the skyTVN24

– Today we need this bold responsibility again to create a security union from our economic and trade union – said Annalena Baerbock. On Wednesday afternoon, President Andrzej Duda arrived from Warsaw to Poznań. On Ostrów Tumski he referred to the beginnings of the Polish state. – Today we are part of the European Union, we are part of the great European community, but we are Poles, which is why it is so important today to preserve our independence, our sovereignty and the security of the Republic of Poland – said the president. On May 1, 2004, together with Poland, 9 other countries joined the European Union.

Author:Maria Bilińska

Main photo source: TVN24

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