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Poland doesn’t hold a grudge against Russia about the missile? “Silent Rocket, Silent Reaction, Silent Minister”

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Due to the fact that the government got lost and neglected the case of a large Russian rocket that flew over Poland in December and was found by accident in April, there is not even a protest of Poland against Russia in this matter. When asked about it, the prime minister behaves as if he does not understand what is going on.

After the fall of a Russian missile on Polish territory, the Polish government did not even send a protest note to Russia. On Friday, the Prime Minister argued that he did not even understand the question of diplomatic consequences. You can submit a protest note, you can notify international tribunals – this is drawing diplomatic consequences that the Polish government does not draw against Russia, and yet the Russian rocket landed in the middle of Poland.

The government was summoning the Russian ambassador when a Ukrainian rocket landed on Polish territory. He was right to call, because it was the result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but six months ago a Russian rocket landed on Polish territory and the Russian ambassador was not summoned. – In fact, the only comment from the government should be “Poles, nothing happened.” And yet a lot has happened – believes Marek Rutka, MP of the New Left.

“Fakty” TVN asked Prime Minister Morawiecki to summon the Russian ambassador, and the Prime Minister replied that he could not expel him for the sake of Poles living in Russia. Mateusz Morawiecki had a clear problem with questions about the rocket and the lack of reaction from his government.

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Gawkowski: I am convinced that Błaszczak is lying about when he found out about the rocket incidentTVN24

No reaction

A press conference is not a diplomatic response. A month ago, the Polish government was right to summon the Russian ambassador because a Russian plane came too close to a Polish plane over the Black Sea. However, he did not summon the Russian ambassador when a Russian rocket landed on Polish territory. Luckily, she didn’t have a nuclear warhead, but she could have. A six-meter projectile, weighing almost two tons even with a concrete warhead, could cause a great tragedy, because it could have a lot of fuel, since its range is almost three thousand kilometers. – Russia should suffer very far-reaching diplomatic consequences not for the fall of the rocket, but for the terrible crimes it commits in Ukraine – explains Prime Minister Morawiecki.

– We are dealing with pretending that nothing happened – says Urszula Pasławska, a member of the Polish People’s Party. In the survey, Poles unequivocally misjudged the reaction of the Polish authorities to the fall of the Russian rocket. The missile was not found by the military and was not even searched for four months. And when a civilian found the rocket on a forest trip, the defense minister accused the operational commander of incompetence. Later, he refused to answer the Seym and even the Seym commission in secret. – When a rocket comes in that can carry a nuclear payload, no one actually does anything about it. A silent rocket, a silent reaction, a silent minister and no responsible people – says Dariusz Joński, member of the Initiative Poland.

In a survey for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24, the majority of respondents – more than half – believe that the defense minister should be dismissed. Almost every third respondent sees no reason to resign. The minister himself accuses the opposition of being pro-Russian, asking about it and about the rocket. He and his government made no official diplomatic claims against Russia.

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