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Poland falls under the influence of the low. “The front will divide the country into a warm and a cold part”

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Our country is already starting to fall under the influence of the low and the atmospheric front associated with it – Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, the weather forecaster, told tvnmeteo.pl. As a consequence, the weather in some parts of the country will change – it will be cooler, cloudy, it may rain.

The center of the Gesa high is moving over western Ukraine, and Poland is covered by an area of ​​reduced pressure with an undulating atmospheric front. The front in many regions will bring variable cloudiness with showers and locally thunderstorms. At the same time, it will divide the country into a warm and a cold part, informed the weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek.

She added that the northern regions of the country will be covered by cool and quite humid air from Scandinavia, while much warmer and drier air from the south-west of the continent will flow over the south of Poland.

– This will result in a thermal contrast of about ten degrees between the north and south of the country – said the weather forecaster.

The bar situation in EuropeDWD

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It’s cloudy and raining in places

Tuesday morning brought sunny weather to most of the country. Only in Pomerania and Warmia it was cloudy, and in the region KoszalinUstka, Slupsk, Koscierzyny, Bytów, GdanskWejherowo or Elbląg – there has been rainfall.

In the morning it was the coldest in Kozienice i Siedlce – thermometers indicated 9 degrees Celsius. The inhabitants of Łódź, Warsaw and Lublin saw 13 degrees C on thermometers. In Gdańsk and Zakopane, the temperature reached 14 degrees C. It was warmest in Kraków and Zielona Gora – 16 degrees C

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