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Poland in the euro area? The deputy prime minister answers

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We are not considering entering the euro zone at this stage, stressed Henryk Kowalczyk, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture on Thursday. He added that this should only happen when the Polish economy would be comparable to those in the euro area.

During the Thursday press conference, the deputy prime minister was asked about the issue of Poland’s possible entry into the the euro area in the context of Wednesday’s information that Croatia meets the conditions for adopting the single currency.

– At this stage we are not considering entering the euro zone – emphasized Kowalczyk.

Poland in the euro area? Minister of translators

He noted that the adoption of the common currency had a very strong impact on countries such as Greecewhich has experienced a very serious economic crisis in the past. – Having our own currency, we can conduct a responsible fiscal policy, as well as a responsible loan policy. This does not pose a threat of state insolvency when the strength of the means of earnings is not comparable. Currency surrender; I believe that this is not a good solution at this stage, ‘he said.

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Kowalczyk admitted that by joining the EU, Poland undertook to adopt the euro sometime in the future. “But I think it should only be done once we have comparable economies,” he said.

He noted that Poland was chasing the economies of the euro area countries. – Hence, it may not be so distant for some time as we think, but there are no such plans yet (adoption of the euro by Poland – ed.) – he summed up.

EurozonePAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

Croatia close to the euro area

On Wednesday the European Commission in the published convergence report, she announced that Croatia meets the conditions for the introduction of the euro in this country on January 1, 2023.

“Today Croatia has made a significant step towards adopting the euro, our single currency. Less than a decade after joining the EU, Croatia is now ready to join the euro area on January 1 (2023). This will strengthen the Croatian economy, benefiting its citizens, businesses and the whole The adoption of the euro by Croatia will also strengthen the euro. Twenty years after the introduction of the first banknotes, the euro has become one of the most powerful currencies in the world, improving the living conditions of millions of citizens throughout the Union. The euro is a symbol of the strength and unity of Europe “- said the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyencommenting on the report’s conclusions.

Croatia would be the twentieth country in the euro area.

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