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Poland is an exception in the European Union when examining trust in public and private media – Eurobarometer survey

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Television is the main source of information for European Union citizens, according to a Eurobarometer survey that analyzed Europeans’ trust in various media sources. The summary of the report draws attention to Poland, which is an exception and is the only country in the EU where private television and radio stations are perceived as the most trusted source of information. Most other EU citizens trust public broadcasters more.

The report, published today on the website of the European Parliament, shows that for 71 percent respondents – EU citizens, Television is one of the most frequently used media sources to access information.

Second place was taken by the online press and online portals (42 percent), and further – radio and social media (after 37 percent). The printed press was in fourth place – it was the only source of information indicated in the last week 21 percent respondents.


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Compared to last year’s study, the percentage of people surveyed who mainly use social media to obtain current information increased by 11 percentage points. It was noted here that this has become common especially on Cyprus and Malta.

Smaller growth is observed in the use of instant messaging (+5 percentage points), video platforms (+4 percentage points) and podcasts (+2 percentage points). “The increase in the use of these media can be seen in all age groups and in most Member States,” it said.

When asked about the categories of information they chose in the last seven days, respondents indicated local news (50 percent), national policy (47 percent) and European and international affairs (45 percent).

The most trusted sources

The report shows that on average in the EU 48 percent respondents trust most public television and radio stations.

In second place was the printed press (including online), which he trusts 38 percent respondents. 29 percent respondents indicated private television and radio stations.


The European Parliament website noted that a study from April and May 2022 shows that public television and radio stations (including their online portals) are the most trusted source in most member states (indicated by 48 percent respondents), however, “Poland is the only European Union country where private television and radio stations are perceived as the most trusted source of information” – it was indicated by 41 percent subjects. Only 26 percent declared trust in the state broadcaster in Poland. respondents. However, this was not the worst result in the EU. Only 25 percent respondents from Hungarian declared trust in the local public, television and radio broadcasters.

In the case of Hungary, a “radical departure from traditional news sources” was also noted. Over there, 28 percent respondents, asked about their most trusted source of information, next to blogs and podcasts, indicated “people or groups they follow on social media” (also 28 percent).

National politics reigns supreme in Poland

In the chapter on Poland, among the topics that respondents chose most willingly over the last week, our compatriots most often pointed to national politics (70 percent), local information (59 percent) and European and international affairs (52 percent).

In the last seven days, respondents most often used television to obtain information (70 percent), press and internet portals (61 percent) and social media (51 percent).

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