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“Poland is not owned by Poles”? Julia Pitera did not say that

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According to Internet users, Julia Pitera allegedly stated that “Poland is not the property of Poles”, but “the property of all of Europe, and it is Europe that should decide about Poland’s affairs, not the government.” We verified that this is a real quote.

A quote attributed to Julia Pitera, a former MP from Platforma Obywatelska, secretary of state in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in 2007-11 and PO MEP in 2014-19, is circulating again in social media. “Another anti-Polish pato.welebrytka” – we read in a post by an anonymous Twitter user from May 12 (original spelling of all entries). He attached graphics to it: this is a photo of Julia Pitera sitting in the plenary hall of the European Parliament, under which there are supposedly her words: “Poland is not the property of Poles. I believe that it is absurd for Poles to feel at home in this country. Poland is owned by all of Europe, and it is Europe that should decide about Poland’s affairs, not the government” (original spelling).

Under the alleged words of Julia Pitera, a reference was made to a Facebook profile called “Homeland My Poland”. This website has been operating since November 2017, it contains content related to Polish politics – currently these are mainly online media articles with short comments by anonymous website administrators. Until 2021, many graphics and memes about national politicians were published there. The post has been viewed over seven thousand times and shared almost 200 times, almost 400 Twitter users have liked it.

Misleading tweet posted on May 12, 2023Twitter

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“I present you Julia Pitera!” The quote has been circulating on social media for years

Many Twitter users thought it was Pitera’s real quote. “There is no way that Poland will disappear from the map of Europe again because of the opposition for the next 123 years”; “I present you tera Julia Pitera!”; “Why did the Nation choose her??? You can see the great emptiness in her head”; “Wow! No comment!!!!”; “What an idiot writes such words! This is an open betrayal of Poland! She should be imprisoned for this or be expelled from Poland! without undue delay!”; “Idiocracy is progressing.” – netizens wrote in response to a popular tweet.

In recent months, the graphic and its other versions – with other photos of Pitera and the same words, allegedly by her – circulated on Polish Facebook. Internet users published them in February, March, April and may this year.

Illustrations with an alleged quote have been appearing on the Polish Internet for years. The earliest posts with this purported quote we found on the web published In 2017.

There is no evidence of the former politician’s authenticity and denial

Are these real words? There’s no proof of that. In 2020, they were analyzed by the editors of the portal Demagogue. The website did not find a reliable source for this alleged statement by Pitera. The editors decided that “the quote from Julia Pitera is made up, and the whole information is fake news”. We also have not been able to find a reliable source for this or a similar quote by the former MEP.

We contacted Julia Pitera. In an interview with Konkret24, she stated that the quote attributed to her is false. As she noted, none of the versions of the graphics indicate where she would say such words. – There’s always someone who has a grudge against me despite the passage of time. I guess it means that I was effective in my actions – she added.

Author:Gabriela Sieczkowska

Main photo source: twitter.com

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