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Polanica-Zdroj. Collective food poisoning in a sanatorium

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On Kontakt 24 we received information about collective food poisoning in one of the sanatoriums in Polanica-Zdrój (Lower Silesia). According to the representative of the sanatorium, the problems concern 32 people.

On Contact 24 wrote the daughter of one of the women who is in the sanatorium. According to her information, up to 100 people were poisoned. “My mother is in this sanatorium, she is also sick. I know that yesterday they got egg paste for breakfast. The sick have symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea,” the Internet user wrote.

Sanatorium in Polanica-ZdrójTVN24

No one requires hospitalization, symptoms in more than 30 people

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We wanted to find out in more detail what the situation in the sanatorium looks like. In the early afternoon, the TVN24 editors contacted both the Lower Silesian Sanitary Inspector and the local branch from Kłodzko. However, no notification to the sanitary services has been made. Also, the staroste of Kłodzko knew nothing about the poisoning.

Around 3 p.m., Piotr Grudziński, communication director of the Polish Health Resorts Group, said that several people had symptoms of food poisoning.

– Samples for testing have been secured, and the health department has recently been notified. It is not known what causes the poisoning. Nobody needs hospitalization. People who have any ailments are in their rooms, meals are delivered there – said Grudziński.

Sanatorium in Polanica-ZdrójTVN24

The TVN24 team went to the spot and spoke with Kamila Kasprzak, director of medical care at Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie SA – Grupa PGU. According to her version, 32 people have already had stomach problems.

– No one required hospitalization. We administer medications, there is 24-hour medical care. There are over 200 people in the center, 32 have had symptoms, said Kasprzak. And she added that the health department will appear on the spot.

Contact 24, TVN24 Wroclaw

Main photo source: TVN24

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