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Poles are more and more willing to use public libraries. They pay attention to the financial issue

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Poles return to public libraries. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, in 2022 the number of both visits and registered users increased. This is a change after a two-year pandemic collapse. However, the new opening is not only due to the return after covid. Libraries are more and more modern and better stocked, and books can be borrowed cheaper than bought.

More and more often – instead of going to a bookstore or ordering a book online – we return to public libraries. – This is like the second opening after the lockdown – says Elżbieta Frankiewicz, deputy director of the Public Library in the Mokotów District. – Indeed, we can talk about such a return, slow, year after year, and we can only be happy about it – adds Jarosław Zalesiński, director of the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Gdańsk. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, over 54 million people visited public libraries in 2022 to use their resources. This is an increase of almost 18 percent. – We have recorded an increase in the number of registered readers, we are talking about the number of readers over five million, an increase of approximately 6 percent compared to 2021 – indicates Karolina Banaszek, spokeswoman for the Central Statistical Office.

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After the Covid collapse, the situation is slowly returning to normal. We have many possibilities. The title we are interested in can be rented in the form of a traditional, e-book or audiobook via the website or application. However, many of us prefer to appear at the library in person. – It is more ecological, because you do not have to store thousands of books on your shelves – thinks Mr. Jacek Szostakiewicz. However, there are more advantages. – There’s actually room for everyone here. For every story on the shelf and for every story in the person who comes, encourages Justyna Gorgoń from American Corner Gdańsk. – The library has a lot of new products, practically when they appear on the market, they are available in a very short time – informs Dorota.

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Interesting activities

The library is no longer just a lending library for school books, it is more and more often a place where a lot is happening. – It is such a secular temple – says Agata Passent, a writer and literary critic. The offer is addressed to young people, especially pupils and students. Libraries organize interest clubs, such as manga and RPG, and the places themselves have modern equipment – such as 3D printers. – The library is not only to come, borrow and go, which is also very important, but it is a place where we can spend time – points out Passent.

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An example of such a place is the Multimedia Library for Children and Youth in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, where various activities are organized. – Art workshops or theater and literary workshops. All this is attractive – lists Elżbieta Frankiewicz, deputy director of the Public Library in the Mokotów District. Mokotów librarians also came up with an unusual idea to encourage reading. The trolley, which for years was a theater prop, has become a mobile library. – It has been adapted to library needs, it has shelves and the librarians themselves pull the trolley to the nearby Jordanowski Garden – explains Frankiewicz.

Financial issue

There is one more, very important reason why we decide to use the book rental – it’s about saving money. – As a student, we do not have too much money (…) So it is much easier for us to visit the library – says Wiktor Andrusiewicz. According to the Santander Consumer Bank report – almost a quarter of respondents save on books. – We have a lot of such readers who come and say: “Oh no, I have stopped buying books and now I will come to you” – says Justyna Gorgoń from American Corner Gdańsk.

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In the era of high prices, when we prefer to put money aside – books, comics or even board games can be found in libraries. – Let’s not forget that the library is a cultural institution that offers everything it offers for free. Here, access to books, access to events is always free – points out Jarosław Zalesiński, director of the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Gdańsk. In the era of inflation, it is worth remembering that we do not have to save on reading.

Author:Maciej Slomczynski

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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