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Poles’ plans for New Year’s Eve. For sports, with your loved ones or in the comfort of your home?

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Many people decided to spend the last day of the year in sports and take part in runs organized in Krakow or Łódź. In Sławatycze, bearded men said goodbye to the old year, and horse owners met on the market square in Gniezno to express New Year’s wishes. And how many of us spend New Year’s Eve? Mostly among relatives and friends.

At the end of the year, a New Year’s Eve run took place in Krakow. Traditionally, for the nineteenth time. Those who decided to run on New Year’s Day had two distances to choose from – 5 and 10 kilometers. The start and finish were at the Mały Rynek, and all proceeds from the event will be donated to the Schola Cordis Foundation for the Support of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery.

– We run to end the old year with a bang and start the new one with a smile – says one of the run participants. – The run is a great support for pediatric cardiac surgery, which is constantly underfunded throughout the country. I can’t imagine a better New Year’s Eve party – emphasizes prof. Janusz Skalski from the Schola Cordis Foundation for the Support of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery.

An active farewell to the year also in Łódź. The New Year’s Eve Run is the culmination of the jubilee year of the 600th anniversary of granting city rights. The signal to start was given by the mayor of the city, Hanna Zdanowska. – Spend the morning (day – editor’s note) doing sports, and in the evening in the ballroom – says Gabriel Kabza, the organizer of the event.

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Gdańsk – as one of the few large cities in Poland – organizes a New Year’s Eve concert, or even two – in Jar Wilanowski and at the pier in Brzeźno. – Both events start at 10 p.m. Special public transport by tram and bus will transport participants of these events. And what is important – we do not use fireworks at city events – emphasizes Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, mayor of Gdańsk.

New Year’s Eve party by the sea. Report by Dominika ZiółkowskaTVN24

A unique event in Sławatycze

In Gniezno, on the other hand, the event is completely unique, although already traditional. As every year, horse owners gathered at the market square to present their horses and express New Year’s wishes. – This is an alternative not to sit in front of the TV, not to spend time on mobile phones, but together with animals, with nature, with people who love horses – says Patryk Dobrzyński, the organizer of the event.

In Sławatycze, the Beards loudly said goodbye to the old year. Their traditional festival has been included in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2021. – My father walked, my grandfather walked and I walk to cultivate it, to continue it, so that it stays, so that it does not disappear – emphasizes one of the event participants. – We used to be afraid that this tradition would disappear, but thanks to these boys and their parents, it is developing – says one of the event’s observers.

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Colorful costumed people were running around, shouting, scaring children and chasing young girls. – They don’t talk, they just scare. They scare the old year, drive everything that was bad from our streets, from our hearts and welcome the New Year – explains Arkadiusz Misztal, mayor of the Sławatycze commune.

The market square in Wrocław is much quieter, but also crowded. Most of the passers-by we asked declared that they had fun at home. – We spend New Year’s Eve with family, at home – says one of the passers-by.

A unique show in Sydney.  Australia celebrates the beginning of 2024

A unique show in Sydney. Australia celebrates the beginning of 2024Reuters

How much will we spend on New Year’s Eve?

According to BIG InfoMonitor’s research, as many as 2/3 of us plan to stay at home with our loved ones on New Year’s Eve. Every fourth person asked will go to a party. In turn, only 3 percent of Poles will party at a venue.

We plan to spend nearly 30 percent more to celebrate the New Year than last year. On average – over PLN 250. – The shopping basket we buy to organize the New Year’s Eve party itself should not cause us any particular pain, but according to the declarations in the light of research, this year we plan to spend more money on organizing New Year’s Eve, i.e. we are planning a more lavish New Year’s Eve after last year’s belt-tightening with high inflation. – informs Dr. Tomasz Kopyściański, economist.

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The most important expenses included food, alcohol and fireworks.

The Government Center for Security issued a message in which it warns, among other things. against the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and lighting fireworks. – It is a pyrotechnic material. Fireworks burn at 1000 degrees Celsius, so let’s imagine what the temperature is and what the risk of burning the body is. This is very dangerous – says paramedic Aleksy Modliński.

Last year, during New Year’s Eve, firefighters intervened approximately 700 times in connection with fires caused by fireworks.

Main photo source: TVN24

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