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Poles spend on Christmas on average over PLN 1,000. PLN 400 per person – BIG InfoMonitor study

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Poles will spend a quarter more on Christmas this year than last year. This is an average of PLN 1,441 per person – according to a study commissioned by BIG InfoMonitor. The budget for trips, gifts and food purchases increased the most – it was added.

As reported, for one third of respondents, organizing Christmas involves sacrifices, and for 12 percent means financial trouble.

Lots more for travel and gifts

“Poles will spend a quarter more on organizing holidays than last year, on average it will be PLN 1,441 per person. The budget increased the most for trips (up to PLN 130) and gifts (PLN 552), but also for the purchase of food (PLN 499)” – stated in a study commissioned by the debtor register operator BIG InfoMonitor. As added, in 2022 it was PLN 1,157 per person, and in 2021 – PLN 1,142. This year by 28%. the budget for gifts will increase from PLN 431 to PLN 522. “PLN 499 will be spent on setting the Christmas table – 17% more than in 2022. Expenditures in other categories will also increase,” it was reported. Poles intend to spend on average PLN 130 (67 percent more) on trips, i.e. fuel or tickets. 54% of people want to invest in Christmas trees and decorations this year. respondents plan to spend PLN 74 (an increase of 21%). Cleaning products cost on average PLN 58 (12%). And “other expenses” will cost PLN 128 compared to PLN 109 a year ago. The president of BIG InfoMonitor, SÅ‚awomir Grzelczak, pointed out that every year Poles organize holidays more efficiently and wiser in difficult economic conditions.

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Another holiday in uncertainty

“Actually, this will be the fourth Christmas Eve, in not particularly favorable circumstances. First, in 2020 and 2021, there were health and financial concerns resulting from the pandemic, last year the holidays passed in the shadow of the war in Ukraine and double-digit inflation, and now we have a continuation of price increases and the continuing uncertainty of the situation beyond the eastern border,” explains Grzelczak. He admitted that this year Poles decided to “relax a bit, enjoy each other’s company more and tighten their belts less.” According to BIG InfoMonitor, the percentage of people who intend to spend Christmas as lavish as usual has increased from 56%. in 2022 to 64 percent in 2023. At the same time, by 8%. the number of people forced to spend their time more modestly has decreased. The vast majority of respondents will be able to finance their Christmas shopping from their current income. 16 percent will reach for savings. 3 percent compared to 1 percent last year, will benefit from deferred payment purchases, especially when choosing gifts. Another 3 percent will postpone previously planned major expenses, and 2 percent. respondents said that they would postpone the payment of current bills to the next month just because of the organization of Christmas meetings. “It is encouraging that in order to finance the holidays, only 2.4 percent of respondents say they use loans and credits,” Grzelczak pointed out.

As reported, 12 percent Poles declare that they do not have the habit of buying gifts for Christmas. 28 percent respondents intend to limit their gift purchases.

Most gifts online

32 percent Poles declared that they would buy most gifts online, and 11 percent – only this way. The percentage of people who buy gifts only in stationary stores is systematically decreasing: from 15 percent. in 2021, by 13 percent in 2022, up to 11 percent in the current study. By far the largest group of people who will buy Christmas gifts in-store are respondents aged 55+. 41 percent of them declared that they would buy most or all of their gifts in traditional stores.

BIG InfoMonitor is an Economic Information Office that collects and provides information on the payment credibility of market participants.

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