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Poles storm offices. They join the list and obtain certificates of their right to vote

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62 percent is the highest turnout in parliamentary elections so far – it was on June 4, 1989. Four years ago it was slightly worse, 61 percent. Now, however, everything indicates that we are setting a record. Offices are issuing record numbers of certificates of voting rights.

In Łódź alone, 15,000 people have added to the voter lists online in recent days. Over 5,000 people came to the office in person. To shorten the queues, an additional point for submitting applications was created at the office. – When it comes to the previous elections, we can talk about twice as much voter interest. Compared to the elections in 2015, there is even three times more interest – points out Grzegorz Szatiło, director of the Civil Affairs Department of the City Hall in Łódź.

We can now talk about a popular movement. – You have to vote. You need to know what you are voting for and who you are voting for. We need to change what is happening now, says Mrs. Paulina, a resident of Łódź. – Everyone imagines that if they don’t go because their vote won’t count, it will be fine for them, they will sleep on it, and they have to vote – says Mr. Paweł, also a resident of Łódź.

In Wrocław, they are setting a record, because 33,000 people were added to the voter rolls. – However, we decide the fate – who will rule us, who will represent us – points out Mrs. Barbara, a resident of Białystok. – If people don’t vote, they shouldn’t complain that something like this turned out – says Czesław, a resident of Białystok.

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Throughout the country, cities organize voting rights collection points for students. In Gdańsk alone, the case concerns over 11,000 people. – So that these students do not have to go home especially for the elections, they can come to us – says Tomasz Filipowicz from the City Hall in Gdańsk.

A certificate of voting rights allows you to vote at any polling station – in the country and in the world.

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Mobilization abroad

In Norway, additional voting points were set up outside Oslo. There is also a storm on the ballot boxes in the Netherlands. Consulates are doing everything they can to enable voting and “remind you about the possibility of signing up (or signing up) for district electoral commissions outside the Netherlands – in Germany and Belgium.”

There is also mobilization overseas. – Voters who registered to vote in two commissions in the New York electoral district receive e-mails informing about a large number of people willing to vote. The Polish consulate suggests that they transfer to another commission – informs Marcin Wrona, correspondent of “Fakty” TVN in the USA.

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Also in New York, it was necessary to create additional voting points. – Basically, they are in places that the Polish community knows well and knows how to get to them. The geography and logistics of this vote have also already been verified – assures Adrian Kubicki, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York.

Throughout Poland, offices issuing certificates and adding voters to voter lists will work longer next week and many will also be open on Saturday.

Main photo source: TVN24

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