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Poles waste a lot of food during the holidays. There is a way to prevent this and save money at the same time

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The rate of inflation is falling, but prices are not necessarily. Environmentalists have a solution and suggest that if the Easter basket cannot be cheaper, maybe it should be smaller. Especially since what's good for your wallet is also good for the planet.

Some are already buying, while others are just doing research before Christmas shopping. This year's Easter basket is more expensive, but the price jump is much smaller than last year. Sauces go up the most – by 12 percent, including mayonnaise, which is essential for Easter. Sweets are already 10.5 percent, but fish, meat, cold cuts and dairy products are also on the plus side. However, fruit and, above all, oils and margarine will be cheaper.

On average, basic purchases before the holidays will become 3 percent more expensive. However – if we remember the so-called horror receipts – it is clearly visible that the difference is smaller than the one from a year ago. Back then, at the height of inflation, price increases exceeded 20 percent year on year.

– Inflation is lower, but this does not mean that prices in stores are lower, so there is some breathing room for wallets, considering that these prices are not skyrocketing like last year, but they are still very high – points out Dr. Anna Motylska-Kuźma, vice-dean for business studies at the University of Lower Silesia, DSW in Wrocław.

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Prices may increase further because March is the last month in which VAT on food is zero percent.

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Food waste

A way to save may be to buy fewer products. – There was hoarding: when you saw it, you bought it, because it wasn't available. I had it for a long time, but my granddaughter sorted it out and now she buys as much as I can eat – says one of the customers.

Many people, however, buy much more than they can eat and then the contents of the fridge end up in the trash. Poles waste up to 5 million tons of food every year. – During the holidays, we waste even more – says Beata Ciepła, president of the management board of the Federation of Polish Food Banks.

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According to the latest Kantar Public survey for Too Good To Go, the most common things we throw away are vegetable salads, bread and cold cuts. Together with them, the energy and water needed to produce them end up in the trash, because one loaf of bread contains as much as 804 liters of water, an egg – almost 200 liters, and a kilogram of pork contains over 6,000 liters of water.

– We buy too much and store food incorrectly. Food in refrigerators and cupboards spoils because we do not check the expiration date – says Beata Ciepła.

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