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Poles working in the UK are concerned about the settlement with the tax office. The family could be a problem

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Poles living and working in Great Britain are looking for confirmation that they will not have to settle accounts with the Polish tax office. The family may turn out to be a problem, reports Rzeczpospolita. It is about new tax rules and limiting the abolition allowance from 2021.

As the daily emphasizes, people working permanently abroad will settle accounts on the new terms for the first time. From the beginning of 2021, the abolition allowance was limited to PLN 1,360, which means that many people will have to pay tax in Poland.


Work in Great Britain and tax

“People working in countries with which we are bound by an unfavorable double taxation avoidance agreement – the method of proportional deduction, among others in Great Britain, will lose. That is why more and more taxpayers are asking for interpretations to protect them against such a scenario. They are looking for a way to confirm, that they have ceased to be Polish tax residents and do not have to pay tax here on their total income “- we read.

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The daily notes that it all depends on the taxpayer’s relationship with Poland. “The tax office admits in interpretations that a person who has moved permanently abroad ceases to be a Polish resident, unless there is an immediate family here. Such an answer (interpretation no. 0113-KDIPT2-2.4011.619. 2021.3.DA) was obtained by the taxpayer, who left for work in the UK in 2018, and her earnings are transferred to the bank account there. She has no husband or children. Her father still lives in Poland, and she has her own apartment here, which she does not rent. She does not plan to return. , with the exception of holidays “- we read.

“The tax office agreed that her center of life is now abroad. In Poland, she will be subject only to a limited tax liability. This means that she does not have to pay tax here,” Rzeczpospolita informs.

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