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Police: Bullying three dogs and a hamster

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Wolscy policemen detained a 49-year-old suspected of abusing animals. According to a spokeswoman for the district headquarters, they were neglected. The woman heard the accusations.

The policemen from Wola received a report concerning the abuse of animals.

– The information showed that the owner did not provide the animals with basic needs. It was about three dogs and a hamster. Police officers from the investigation department gathered evidence. Preliminary findings confirmed that the animals did not receive veterinary care, were kept in inappropriate conditions, did not have the right amount of food, and the dogs were not taken outside – says Marta Sulowska, spokeswoman for the Wola command.


As he points out, three dogs and a hamster were taken by representatives of animal foundations. – During the intervention, the owner denied everything. She explained that she cares about them – reports Sulowska. She adds that the 49-year-old has heard two criminal charges of animal abuse. This offense is punishable by up to three years in prison.

Each of us should remember that an animal is not a thing. He is a living being, capable of suffering, and man owes him respect, protection and care. If you have information about the abuse of animals, for example by torturing, killing, keeping them in abusive conditions or offering for sale or purchase endangered animals and plants, contact the police

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We also described action of firefighters and policemen who went to save a dog in Wisła:

Action of services on the VistulaTomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: KRP IV

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